is such a slippery slope: my first experience with it was VR, then slowly more and more Blender – and before I knew it, I was knee deep in it, hardly did any 2D anymore, and worked as a 3D artist. So if you want to get into it, make sure to always keep your original goal in mind – mine was concept art, and I almost lost track of it amidst all the fascinating technology. Now I’m fighting my way back out of the jungle to get back on track – but it was worth the detour.

@mooncube very true, to my luck 2D was never my thingy so I was able to dive directly into the 3D world without any worries about the 2D world, but I have to admit that I'd like to create a sidescroller someday. 😅😅
But without 3D elements, before someone notes super paper Mario 😂

@Zoidtes Wow, that sounds super cool! Ping me when you get started on it, I love watching personal projects come to life! 🤩

With Blender’s current development speed and the mighty Greasepencil you can probably do all the 2D art in there as well without ever switching tools, haha.

@mooncube For sure I will but at first I will finish all those nice 3D projects of mine, they are...Well quite a lot 😅😅.

Blender evolved from 2. 49 until today, the functions are just like alien power compared to that.
still Bender is my thing and I love working with it. I will hit you up when I'm working on this 2D scroller.

I think my problem here is that I get real with my 3D stuff, my 3D prints look great.
Its wired, creating things in bleder nad holding them in your hands

@Zoidtes Damn that must be so cool, 3D printing is definitely something I want to explore eventually. I’ve seen people develop a workflow straight from VR to 3D print, that has to be the most scifi way to make art today, haha.

@mooncube Oh yes 3D printing is a complete world for its own, sadly it also consumes a lot of time, I had to tweak and maintain the machine a lot before having any print that I was satisfied with. But once you get a hang of it, you can print whatever you want to print.
And yes its is quite scifi I mean there are so many things I can print its unbelievable, and if you dont have any Ideas, the web always provides enough ideas for anyone. Like Thingiverse😍 👌

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