For the longest time I found it difficult to enjoy painting (and often even drawing), it was always just a necessary grind to get better. But now that I’ve improved a bit it’s starting to grow on me! Which is a weird feeling when something that is “supposed” to be work/practice suddenly starts being fun, haha.

Have you had a similar experience with any part of your craft?

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@mooncube ha, I haven't even started learning to draw and I don't look forward to the "grinding" period, as I usually spend my time on things I'm already good at (e.g. programming)

@danielhglus Don’t let it scare you off, I have a lot of art friends who have enjoyed it all the way through and feel very differently! Which made me think I was weird for experiencing that, but by now I’ve met enough people to know that the journey is just different for everyone.

But yes, doing something you’re not good at is never easy, so I feel you (learning Houdini does that for me right now).

@mooncube Maybe not quite the same, but I wanted to make a color chart so I could quickly reference how different pigments mix without having to figure it out from scratch each time (I don't have a great memory) and at first it was daunting because that's a lot of little squares to paint... but I ended up really enjoying the process of swatching out the colors for the chart and now it's very relaxing.

@JLGribble Nice, that’s really cool and a smart thing to do - both as a reference for painting and just for mixing practice. Do you feel like your understanding of colours has improved? Might give that a go, too, once I get back to traditional painting eventually.

@mooncube Yes!! It made me mix colors I wouldn't have thought to mix together and that was very informative.

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