Hello lovely creators! What's everyone working on right now? Send some pretty pictures :D :D


@Curator Just finished a new painting in Heavypaint!

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@mooncube Oh that's fun! I like that it's composed of blocky shapes :D

@Curator Me too, line tool is basically all I use for painting these days - feels a bit like traditional with a flat brush. Thank you!

@mooncube Oh it's the line tool? That's pretty awesome :D Sounds like a nice challenge too to push your boundaries a bit :)

@Curator Yes, that's true - makes you focus on the basics like values and colour temperatures a lot more. Heavypaint in general is great for that since it's such a stripped down tool (yet still has a unique and very recognisable look): heavypaint.app/

@moshtodon Haha you're right, I never thought of that! 👍 😃

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