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Designed a lightsaber, what kind of Jedi do you think would wield it? Let's be honest, yellow gets way too little love.
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I really love yellow lightsabers. I always liked them, but now after finishing Kotor I think that it might be the best crystal color.

@Niebylev Kotor is so good, those two games are my early teens in a nutshell. I played the first one on our ancient family pc, and there was so much lag and stuttering in the cutscenes that each one of them took 20 minutes, and I'd go get a snack or read until it was done lol.

Which one have you played recently? Love that the second one got a Linux version on Steam. 😱

I just finished the first one, now I'm gonna check out the second one on my Linux laptop, thanks to my brother who bought Sith Lords on steam.

@mooncube The lightsabre design is very distinct, but I think a real one would be more smooth so they are easier and more comfortable to hold.

I wonder what such a lightsabre would look like. Perhaps it wouldn't look "star wars" enough.

@loke Good observation. If I imagine how it would feel in my hand I *think* this design would work, but I could be off. Or it's only suitable for a non-human with very specific hands.

Maybe I'll have to 3D print it to find out, that would be pretty cool. 😋

@mooncube I was thinking about this while playing the new Star Wars game, and one thing that I was considering was that a lightsabre would have to be balanced differently compared to a sword. I'm assuming the blade of a lightsabre doesn't have any weight, so it would feel very different compared to just removing the hilt from a regular sword.

@mooncube The lightsabre handle would also be much heavier that what you'd expect since you need some mass in order to get some energy into the swings. Unless of course you rely on the force for that. 🙂

@loke Absolutely, fighting with those things must feel super weird at first with the missing blade mass. I guess it's for a reason that they say you're more likely to hurt yourself than anybody else if you're not a trained Jedi.

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