Figure drawing from my anatomy class this week! Charcoal is lit, you can go from barely visible all the way to black with some pressure control.

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@mooncube whow, I admire how your marks are so controlled! I didn't even know it could be done, whenever I work with charcoal I go wild - SO satisfying, but SO MESSY. :D

@annathecrow Oh yes, that is a ton of fun, too! In part it depends on the kind of charcoal - some types just turns into a huge black cloud on your page if you move your hand across it once or basically just look at it the wrong way - those are much harder to tame and you need to spray them the second you're done before someone sneezes in your direction by accident lol.

Thanks for the compliment, that's very sweet! 😍

@mooncube I've never been able to out my finger on why this is, but charcoal feels more like painting to me than graphite does, I love it!

@trevortaylor Yes, I absolutely agree! In my experience the main difference is that graphite/pencils are commonly only taught as a tool that create lines, plus it's much more limited in terms of value range (unless you use a variety of pencils to make up for that). A stick of charcoal does feel more like a brush than it feels like a pencil.

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