I'm a bit torn these days between learning more (epecially materials), teaching anatomy, teaching young kids, going back to the basics of drawing, and of course the everlasting struggle of painting. It's swamping me a little since I can't take on all of them at the same time, yet feel like they each deserve 100% of my attention.

Advice? How do you go about managing art ambitions that take too much time to all get their share equally?

@mooncube Hm, I were kind of at the same crossroads recently. I'd tell us both, focus on one of those first. Git gud (or even better) and then diversify. Do not diversify right away. I know it's hard as ideas for other things can't read/don't care and will come either way. Also it's like naming your favourite child out of many. Haha. I chose concept design and do not regret. This helps with anything from comic to videogame.

@Styxcolor Thank you for that, it's always good to know that others are experiencing something similar. Focus, then diversify, is a good point. But it always goes hand in hand with forgetting a ton about the rest, which makes it a difficult juggling act to me.

How do you go about focusing on concept design? Since nowadays that requires pretty much the entire range of skills to enter that part of the industry: 3D, drawing, painting and photobashing.. 😬

@mooncube I know I know, the secret is that you will keep forgetting things even with the stuff you do daily...therefore the learning never really stops, as you'll keep revising. Other than that I learn like everybody else - from bottom /fundamentals to top. Without good art fundamentals any technique like photobashing will not look good (or at least not pass a certain level). I have a learning plan and do not expect to be good at everything immediately.

@Styxcolor Thank you for sharing, maybe some introspection and working out a learning plan accordingly is due. :)

@mooncube Good luck! But do not over-plan, if there's a rule then that there are always surprises in the middle, especially if you have a detailed plan with no room for them.

@Styxcolor Haha, yes I've made that mistake before. Planning out hour by hour and then missing my own deadlines because something random came up that I didn't account for or shit took longer than expected.

@mooncube I think you can easiest figure out your priorities if you think about it in a top down fashion.
Start with what you want to achieve and work your way down through the skills/tools you will need to do it. If you do the same for all of the things you listed in op you will see where there is overlap. These would be priorities to spend time on. It’s a good approach to get a tangible overview on what to focus on and why. I hope you manage to solve your problem, I’ve also been there =]

@caconym Hey that sounds like a pretty good strategy, thanks for that!
I'll take some time to come up with a list - hopefully I can figure out some sort of plan of action on how to proceed. Just getting some structure into my practice will already help a lot I'm sure.

Much appreciated! 🤗

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