The moment I reach the follower count of my old account (198) I'll give out 5 free commissions to the first 5 people who remind me of this toot.

Congratulations on busting 198 (currently 205?), have any people reminded you about this yet?

@xurizaemon Thank you! ❤️
Yes I actually was reminded just yesterday - this is the result:

So you're 2/5! :) What would you like?

Yikes, that's a quick commission?! I saw it yesterday and thought then it was amazing and looked like weeks of work!

@xurizaemon Haha you're too kind, much appreciated! 🤩 I worked on it for 3-4 hours total, had a night off and was able squeeze it in between my other projects.

I'm busy tomorrow, but I can probably create something for you on Tuesday. Just dm or comment here what you'd like. :)

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