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Hello, my name is Philipp and I'm a concept artist & illustrator.

I love science fiction, open source, Linux, and VR. I paint in , model/animate/render in , and design in VR with . My non-client work is by-sa. Lefty, vegan, life drawing lover. Occasionally nsfw art.


Hit me up if you have questions or requests! ❤️

Last one in this series of master studies – “Portrait” by Dean Cornwell. I really love the division of space here, the areas of rest work so well with the busier parts, it’s a fantastic balance he achieved here! Painted in .

Another one of the illustration greats: N.C. Wyeth. “Horse and Owner”, 2-value master study created in – separating the different parts from each other and the background was a fun challenge I enjoyed a lot.

Leyendecker is my favourite artist from the golden age of illustration, such an icon with amazing shape design and form language. “Kuppenheimer Clothing” master study done in to practice values and composition.

That face was very hard to get right – if you only have two values they really really have to be in the right location to make it read and show the right expression. Master study of “Elizabeth Winthrop Chanler” by John Singer Sargent, painted in .

This one was very difficult since there’s so much going on, four characters all intertwined (three hunters checking on a fourth they accidentally shot, lol). “He Lay Face Down” by Dean Cornwell, as always done in .

It doesn’t read too well here, but the original is very cute – an old doctor taking the pulse of a young girl’s doll. Master study of “Doctor and Doll” by Norman Rockwell, painted in .

Golden age illustrators definitely knew what they were doing when it comes to composition and lighting. Master study of “At the Optimetrist” by Norman Rockwell.

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Really, the end goal of communism is very modest. It is just to have democratic control over what to do with the surplus material/economic product of society. Nothing more or less. I do not know many people in meatspace who would disagree with this.

The structures to implement and the roadmap to achieving this are many and various, and have been debated and fought over for a couple centuries or so.

Anyway, I am a communist because I agree: there should not be private appropriation of the product of people’s labour. It belongs to everybody. There is no telling where the total surplus product of society can be divided individually. It took the whole of society to produce everything, and that is where it should return.

This is my most popular toot in a very long time.

Good, Blender deserves it! 🥰

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’s new asset browser basically turns it into a video game, it’s pretty much The Sims at this point. Drag and drop and done – this will make things a lot easier for 2D artists who use it as a base for paintovers. Mind-blowing. 🤯

"You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plough right ahead."
-George Lucas

’s new asset browser basically turns it into a video game, it’s pretty much The Sims at this point. Drag and drop and done – this will make things a lot easier for 2D artists who use it as a base for paintovers. Mind-blowing. 🤯

Maya Rudolph is so cool, her voice acting took to a whole new level. 🤣️😝️

Starting a series of master studies to practice communicating using only the bare minimum and understanding use of value to guide the eye better. Based on a John Singer Sargent painting, “Henry James”. Painted in .

As an artist trying to get better and improve workflow, craft, time/energy management, routine, etc. it’s easy to get lost in the weirdness that is the self-help jungle. And holy shit there’s a lot creeps in that industry. Love Munecat’s take-down of Tony Robbins, got me out of that phase real quick.

I’m interested in way too many things. That makes it difficult to focus on and improve at any one thing, but it also makes it almost impossible to get bored. Good trade-off I guess?

Another space shot, I like how the colours on the solar panels turned out and the crop works pretty well, too. Still have to improve on “space lighting”, that characteristic look you see in every outer space photo. Painted in .

"Many of the truths that we cling to depend greatly on our point of view."
- Obi-Wan Kenobi

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If I was trash somebody would take me out once a week.

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