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Hello, my name is Philipp and I'm a concept artist & illustrator.

I love science fiction, open source, Linux, and VR. I paint in , model/animate/render in , and design in VR with . My non-client work is by-sa. Lefty, vegan, life drawing lover. Occasionally nsfw art.


Hit me up if you have questions or requests! ❤️

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Thanks a lot for all the love, I appreciate you all a lot! 🥰

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Hey fam, I have some big news! Your boi just levelled up. 😛

It’s been developing for quite some time now but it’s finally official: I am now Concept Artist at Ubisoft! 😱

Major breakthrough for me, just moved this week to be on-site in Bucharest. Still feels very surreal to join the big league, seems like the grind has paid off.

That’s all, hope you have a fantastic weekend and stay awesome!

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This ghost is sad about human-made climate change... Only 360 days until Halloween!

Sketchdrop no.34 🍃🌱😌

There’s 100 trees in total that I want to draw, so still a couple ahead before I switch topic again. 😅

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