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Random rant (that I've cross-posted in a few places): I'm all over the internet. Have been forever. I've got about a dozen websites (in fairness, most are simple things) and I've got more social media accounts (or pages or whatever) spread across more platforms than I care to think about. Each one is specifically focused on one of the various things I do, with some duplicates across platforms... and I know that's the "right" way to do it.


Today is World Blender Meetup Day! And, even better, we have a talk... in, like, an hour! You should come see some of the things we've been up to.

(really, of course, you should see all the cool stuff folks are sharing)

Can you believe that it's been 4 months?
And you know what?
We're just getting started.
(oh yeah... we also finally got our website working)

Spent the last five weeks living and traveling from one end of North Carolina to the other. Had to fix/mod a few things and there's still a ton to learn, but we're still having a great time. We won't be doing this is every state, but this one was a good one for it.

(I'll reply to this post with a few more photos... this is a great blue heron I got a shot of while walking the dog)

I made a blog post! I haven't been visible on the web for a bit, so I figured I'd share an update.

Short version, there's some awesomeness afoot. We sold [almost] everything and are living on the road in a big ol' RV.

More playing with new materials. Kept this one simple with padauk bent around a black ceramic core. I love the color of padauk. I'm keeping this one for myself.

Another fun one! Trying out a new stainless steel core for a "Steel Zebra" ring. It works! And zebrawood always does well with turquoise. Really enjoyed putting this one together.

Wrapped up another "Churros!" ring that ships out today. Rose quartz is always super challenging to work with, but I really like its subtlety as an inlay.

YES! Ever have anyone say, "Yeah, but what about help desk support?" when you recommend Blender to them? There's an answer now. :D

First time ever working with gold wire for an inlay. Not sure why, but working with it made me really nervous, but I sure love me a challenge. The stone is crushed sapphire and the wood is macassar ebony.

Wrapped up the finish on a "Churros!" ring... Cherry with a rose quartz inlay. Rose quartz is super challenging to get to show up right. Still, I like how it turned out.

Announcing the release of the Export to .blend add-on! It's a handy little exporter to get objects, collections, or nodes to their own .blend files... with a few nice bonus features.

Psst... if anyone uses Blender's Edit Linked Library add-on, I recently added support for linked node groups. It won't be part of the 2.93 release (I missed the feature freeze cut-off), but it should work for everything >=2.80 if you want to test it:

Just a quiet part of the day in the shop with just me, some files, and a ring to finish. Can't ask for much more.

In case you missed it, the whole replay from World Blender Meetup Day 2021 was posted last week... and here's a direct link to my little 30-minute talk in there about collaborative workflows for individual artists:

Just updated my NextCloud instance from v15 all the way up to v21. It took a while... and a couple overdue OS upgrades as well, but it was largely painless. Well done, @nextcloud. Now to check out all the new apps!

We started redoing our backyard a while back... part of that involved destroying my old fire pit. Now I've built myself a new one. Looking forward to a fire tonight!

In just over 10 minutes (TEN MINUTES!), I'm going to be giving a talk at World Blender Meetup Day! Cool information and a super-secret announcement!

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