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Episode 47 is a solo show and heavy on the visuals. I respond to some listener feedback and talk about the rotating mount I designed to help me carve my bent wood rings.

What have you made to help you make?

Maybe it doesn't look so that different from the previous photo, but an lot of material got taken off this. It's starting to feel like it's taking shape.

Episode 46 is out! This one is a follow-up to the previous show about . In this episode, we go deep on the BEER renderer with guests Light Bwk and Miguel Pozo.

Just like with everything cold, the entirety of planet Earth shrinks in the winter. And it’s not just the landmass. Everything on Earth reduces in size by up to 13%. Of course, some material is affected by the cold more than others, so the amount of shrink varies.

In any case, you shouldn’t feel guilty if your new summer clothes don’t fit you. You bought them out of season at a time when everything was smaller.

Got gifted a few large chunks of a fallen cherry tree. Figured I'd try a hollowed out carving of a person reading. Still a way to go, but I'm having fun.

Episode 45 is here for you... and not just your earballs, but your eyeballs, too!

This episode has guest Lee Posey talking about BlenderNPR and the BEER Development Campaign.

Put together an intro sequence for my podcast since I'll be airing a video interview of it on Tuesday about .

The table saw was invented by someone who tried to saw through a table and failed.

Yeesh... I've gotta pay closer attention. I only just recently realized that my "Print Friendly" theme for Blender was included in the 2.83 release. Yay!

Think about the origin of the U.S. Interstate Highway system the next time you're on a road trip. It was never meant for that...

A very maker-y Father's Day to me!

Little Meatball made me a puzzle. Little Cheeseball sculpted a figure and a small tray. Well done, boys.

It turns out that some people have this weird impression that open source software development for creative applications has somehow changed to be more "industry friendly." That ain't the case. It's the reverse. The various industries that use open source creative software have finally started working with it the same way the rest of the world has been for years.

I mean... what else would you do with a pocket of interdimensional space that exists partially outside of our reality? A waiting room. That's the best thing...

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