@aldersprig that part of the world isn't particularly dense with population and the event is outdoors, so that helps.

So I went and signed myself up to be a vendor at a [somewhat] local craft fair, selling wooden rings and carved things.

Totally out of my element, but new things are fun, right?

So Nvidia is buying Arm. That should prove to be interesting.

No opinions on it just yet... just a whole slew of questions that will likely only be answered with time.

Kids brought me an interesting bit of wood a while back and I finally got around to carving on it. To my surprise, it was actually one species grown around another! Still a work in progress, but I'm having fun. Scroll through the photos to see the progress.

Come listen to episode 50 where we talk with Máirín Duffy about designing for and with open source software. She's got some great insights that can be applied both in and outside of design.


Had to say goodbye to a friend today. This photo really captures the essence of who he was. The perfect combination of sweetness and assholery. We're gonna miss you, George. I'm glad to have known you for 14 years. Travel well, space cat.

So many habaneros on a single plant! I think I counted over 20. I guess chilli is gonna be on the menu soon.

@paperdigits @patdavid At this point, a full install of Discourse might be overkill just to have comments on the site. For about half a second I had (somewhat terrifying) aspirations of hosting a general "open source creative" forum for everything from print to sound design to writing to animation to video... but there may not be a need for that.

So maybe the best course of action would be to investigate setting up a small VPS with Isso or Commento.

Episode 49 is here and it's a good one! Listen to @patdavid and I talk about PIXLS.US, his work with GNU Image Manipulation Program, and a whole host of other topics around creative work and Free Software.


Little update: If you want to have one of these for yourself, I've put the files up on Thingiverse:


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Got a bit of audio gear and needed a place to hang it. Sure, I could've just made a shelf or hook or something, but this was may more fun. Old 3D sculpt, some 3D printing, a little primer, some texture paint, and a dowel rod. Pretty happy the way it all came together.

@loganX452 Yeah. 2.44 is pretty dated at this point. The interface has been overhauled twice since then. A lot of the core principles are still relevant (using the 3D cursor, working with modifiers, armatures, compositing), but the modern series (2.80 and later) is quite a different animal.

Still my most used creative tool, though. Feel free to poke me if you run into any questions.

@thaj @ken_fallon @cwebber @klaatu @thelovebug @Honkeymagoo Seems to me that HPR could just have a Mastodon account and that would be the one listed as the host (for simplicity's sake)

A few of the folks (including me!) who've written for @osdc spoke a bit about the tools we use for writing. Everyone's workflow is different and it's fun to learn from how other folks work.

This is probably the tallest thing I've printed to date. Pretty pleased that it worked without a bunch of additional supports.

The Zero Terminal 3: A Pop-Out Keyboard Linux Computer in Your Pocket

The mobile phone revolution has delivered us attractively packaged and convenient computing in our pockets, but without the easy hackability we like in our community. Meanwhile the ad… hackaday.com/2020/08/10/the-ze

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/12

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