Some folks have asked me to share how I go about bending my rings (especially the horn ones). So I went and made some video. This is Part One.

Hrm... @chartier this was actually directed as a reply to you, but it didn't get set up as such. Doh.

@thaj Thanks. It's a kind of tricky material to work with, but I've made a few rings with it so far and I'm really liking it.

I haven't officially started selling the carved steer horn rings yet, but I'm sure it's coming soon. Usually I make rings out of bent wood (I occasionally carve those, too). Those rings are on my website ( and sold through my Etsy shop.

@Caelyn Much appreciated! I'm looking forward to making more carvings in this material.

So I finished my carved steer horn dragon ring experiment. Finished the carving and stained it with some homemade black walnut ink I made last year. Really friggin' proud of his this one turned out.

Progress on my carved steer horn ring experiment. I've got most of the details in there. Think I just need a few more things left to finish it.

@katwylder thank you! I'm looking forward to trying to do another soon.

@scoots I do sell them. I have a little Etsy shop for my wooden rings. I've not dabbled much with other types of jewelry, but I'd love to try. Anything specific you have in mind?

Learned a lot from this little ring. Spiral bend of ash and purpleheart with a copper inlay for support. Also my first time doing an edge inlay with malachite. There are blemishes, but I've learned enough to make the next one awesome.

Another steer horn experiment! One of the things I really like about horn is how well it holds shape. So I can do a spiral bend like this and cover it with zebrawood. So I had some fun with this one... added a subtle infinity-shaped inlay of tourmaline.

@skypage I haven't. I'll have to look them up find out more about them. Thanks for the tip!

@adamk678 Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun with it. Got more experiments I'm hoping to finish this weekend.

New ring experiment! Been playing with bending and shaping steer horn for rings. This is my first finished one. Steer horn liner and Carpathian elm outer.

Already have ideas for improvements. :)

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