So I finished my carved steer horn dragon ring experiment. Finished the carving and stained it with some homemade black walnut ink I made last year. Really friggin' proud of his this one turned out.

Progress on my carved steer horn ring experiment. I've got most of the details in there. Think I just need a few more things left to finish it.

Learned a lot from this little ring. Spiral bend of ash and purpleheart with a copper inlay for support. Also my first time doing an edge inlay with malachite. There are blemishes, but I've learned enough to make the next one awesome.

Another steer horn experiment! One of the things I really like about horn is how well it holds shape. So I can do a spiral bend like this and cover it with zebrawood. So I had some fun with this one... added a subtle infinity-shaped inlay of tourmaline.

New ring experiment! Been playing with bending and shaping steer horn for rings. This is my first finished one. Steer horn liner and Carpathian elm outer.

Already have ideas for improvements. :)

One shot every second for about six hours. Up in the western part of Northern Virginia. Still gotta get some tape or something for that camera light.

Weekend scribbles with my kids. Been a while since I played with graphite and conte.

I've had this Surface Pro 3 that I refitted with Linux for a while. Figured I should finally sticker the thing. Managed to do so with a nice subtle nerd joke, too.

New experiment! Now I have a Joker ring. Should I make more? Malachite and purpleheart.

Made some homemade doughnuts. Turned out alright for a first try. Gonna hafta do this more.

Two experiments in one! This one's for me. Needed a metal core because I wanted to make a thumb ring that I could use as a bottle opener. Also never bent a wood liner for a copper ring before. Results with smoked eucalyptus turned out pretty nice.

Lacewood is a right pain to bend into a ring. But it shines up and catches light in such a cool way. Worth the work.

The natural progression after drawing a robotic fish is obviously to draw a robotic bird. This one, I got to do with my home-made black walnut ink.

And this tiny one is done! Shipped out today. Really gotta see this one in person. The walnut shimmers under the finish.

Yup, still making wooden rings! This is an itty-bitty version of my most popular style. Walnut, ash, turquoise. Size 3 3/4.

Mid-flight scribble yesterday. Not sure that the other people seated in my row were comfortable with me drawing a skydiver. Oops.

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