Maybe it doesn't look so that different from the previous photo, but an lot of material got taken off this. It's starting to feel like it's taking shape.

Got gifted a few large chunks of a fallen cherry tree. Figured I'd try a hollowed out carving of a person reading. Still a way to go, but I'm having fun.

A very maker-y Father's Day to me!

Little Meatball made me a puzzle. Little Cheeseball sculpted a figure and a small tray. Well done, boys.

Morning time is the best time for making a Mother's Day fire pit chili.

Saw this guy on a walk. Had to catch his fish behind a tree... Still, so cool to have the chance to see this.

Finally got around to setting up a that we'd had sitting around forever. Took some doing. It used to be white and it was missing a plug cover. A few coats of paint and a new cover and it was ready to install... Then I had to clean out my downspout.

The first night of rain, this thing collected over 30 gallons of water. Is that normal?

Kinda want to decorate it now. 😁

Figured I'd try my hand at carving rock on a random river stone I found. Turns out that I can do it, but it's *really* slow going compared to working in wood. I'll have to find a softer rock if I want to try again.

Little follow-up. I've gotta say that making my own black walnut ink and using it as a stain on horn carvings is one of the best decisions I've made in doing this stuff.

Cold and damp outside, so I brought this piece back out to work on. Planning on filling the "sky" with crushed lapis. The eagle is cattle horn and the ring is walnut.

Weather was nice this evening, so I had a chance to burn some color into my table carving. I tell you what, a propane torch may be my new favorite at tool.

Also started sanding down where I burned the mane. There's still a lot to do, but it's starting to come together.

The weather hasn't been cooperating with me, so I took a break from the table and started to carve a tree spirit into a small scrap of wood I found a while back.

This weekend was nice enough that I was able to pull out the table and carve on it a bit more.

Then I got the plague.

Posted this on Instagram yesterday, but forgot to share it here. Just some more fun with 2-frame animation on coffee sleeves. A little sunrise/sunset thing.

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