I get a little confused every time something I read mentions as "dead".

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@eylul It's human nature to undervalue niches. If "everyone" isn't doing it, then it must not be important. However, one of the most incredible things that we've seen with the decentralized internet is the proliferation of niche communities.

Short version: on the internet, death is relative. Just like importance.

@monsterjavaguns is it the fact that everyone isn't doing it, or it is the fact that marketers aren't doing it? Is the part I am trying to figure out.

That being said what you said about niche communities (or loosely connected networks) is a very good point.

@eylul Good point regarding marketers. Old-school broadcast marketers have found a way to make the likes of Twitter and Facebook work for them (essentially shoehorning a broadcast model into an interactive medium). Those techniques don't work in a place like Mastodon (by virtue of the technology... but mostly because of the types of communities here).

So rather than properly approach Mastodon like the interactive medium it is, they revert back to the broadcast techniques they already know.

@eylul but the "Mastodon is dead" thing isn't really a marketer-lead meme, IMHO. People can and do parrot marketers, but I don't think (or, at least, don't hope) that marketers really have that much social influence in daily conversations.

@monsterjavaguns The articles written in newspapers and blogs are where I keep seeing these, and I'd argue that it is a lot of people involved in marketing directly or indirectly, or at least people who are in the business of broadcasting, hence influencing of the point of view.

I don't think it is some sort of conspiracy but I wonder if there is a bias involved all the same.

@monsterjavaguns @eylul

"on the internet, death is relative"

Lovely. Just lovely. That makes the Wayback Machine technological necromancy!

@K_REY_C @eylul Always knew those folks over at archive.org were wizards. :)

@monsterjavaguns @eylul Is it human nature to undervalue the niche, or is it capitalist conditioning? I feel like if everyone isn’t doing it, it can’t be a market for exponential growth, therefore isn’t worthy... and I don’t feel like that’s intuitive to human nature, particularly when we value those we consider unique or who do, make, or say things that others are not doing.

@SuzanEraslan @eylul I don't think it's conditioning. Just because we each have specific interests that diverge from the mass, we're still social creatures. We still adhere to the pack/herd precepts. If the herd is running one way, we have to make a conscious decision to deviate.

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