Blender folks don't care if I make wooden jewelry. Jewelry folks don't care if I'm writing fiction. Readers don't care if I have a heavy interest in open source. Open source folks don't care if I'm living in an RV with my family. The overlap in that Venn diagram is absurdly small. So it's helpful to put some separation in there.

But damn if it ain't exhausting.

And now you know why I haven't been posting very much.


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@monsterjavaguns I guess the nice thing with .art is everybody here cares about all creative pursuits. Loads of the artists here are multi-disciplinary and have followers who enjoy all of that. If you tag your stuff appropriately here then your audiences who follow you for specific things will be able to find it. ^.^

@Curator @monsterjavaguns For me, I'm interested if artists work in more than one discipline because I'm interested in the artist as a whole person. I think you kinda have to be these days.

@Curator There's a lot of truth there... and it plays well to my innate need for simplification (sometimes referred to a laziness). :)

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