I made a blog post! I haven't been visible on the web for a bit, so I figured I'd share an update.

Short version, there's some awesomeness afoot. We sold [almost] everything and are living on the road in a big ol' RV.

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@monsterjavaguns AMAZING. This sounds like so much fun. Well, it IS fun. This was my life every 2-3 years, growing up (except we didn't have an RV, just a minivan), and then later my life for years as an adult (minus the travel.) Some of my most vivid memories are of sitting on the roadside eating spaghetti-o's out of a tin. To this day, I get wistful at just the sound of a single car driving on a distant highway.

You're gonna love this.

And I look forward to hearing all about it.

@klaatu I'll certainly be sharing as much as I can. I grew up doing a lot of travel, and I got a lot of of it. With any luck, my kids will feel the same about this experience.

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