Episode 49 is here and it's a good one! Listen to @patdavid and I talk about PIXLS.US, his work with GNU Image Manipulation Program, and a whole host of other topics around creative work and Free Software.

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@patdavid @monsterjavaguns I mean get the commenting stuff set up. Maybe set up discourse if he doesn't want the hosted version (which is free for FOSS projects).

@paperdigits @patdavid At this point, a full install of Discourse might be overkill just to have comments on the site. For about half a second I had (somewhat terrifying) aspirations of hosting a general "open source creative" forum for everything from print to sound design to writing to animation to video... but there may not be a need for that.

So maybe the best course of action would be to investigate setting up a small VPS with Isso or Commento.

@monsterjavaguns @patdavid you could also aggregate to the fediverse and take comments here

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