The second half of the mintCast show that I got to be a guest on. This one is a lot more Blendery (and animation in general). Thanks again to mintCast for letting me ramble on and on. :)

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@monsterjavaguns I heard you on it, and found it very interesting. I've been interested in Blender for years and have a couple of book on it, tho I'm not sure how relevant "The Essential Blender" still is, as its based on v2.44.

@loganX452 Yeah. 2.44 is pretty dated at this point. The interface has been overhauled twice since then. A lot of the core principles are still relevant (using the 3D cursor, working with modifiers, armatures, compositing), but the modern series (2.80 and later) is quite a different animal.

Still my most used creative tool, though. Feel free to poke me if you run into any questions.

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