Made a new theme for Blender 2.80, specifically geared for being readable when printed or shown on an e-ink display. It's here:

Tested it on an e-ink screen () and it seems to work relatively well.

@monsterjavaguns I quite like it and find it useful on a regular computer when working in a bright place. There's one little issue though. Since an object's outline becomes white when you move it, non-mesh objects become invisible. This white can be changed to another color in the 3DView section > Transform.

@monsterjavaguns Thanks for the fix.
Another one: Collection icons in the Outliner are also invisible (those that are on the white lines). Their color is in User Interface > Icon Colors > Collection.
I think they can be set to pure black.

@monsterjavaguns Awesome.
Another one! The active vertex/edge (in edit mode) is white on a white background. Perhaps it could be changed to a yellow or something else.
3D View>Active Vert/Edge/Face.
You can simply fave this toot when you've made a change.

@ChameleonScales I'd rather star it to acknowledge that I read it, then respond when the work is done.

@ChameleonScales and updated! I went with a brighter green. Yellow was actually a bit hard to see over the white background

@monsterjavaguns another thing:
the icons of the properties tabs (e.g. constraints, modifiers) become hard to read when selected. I personally changed the highlight color to C6ECFF.
This color is under User Interface>Tab>Inner Selected

However, this also affects the workspace tabs so I made the "Text Selected" black so it stays readable.

The best would be to keep a dark highlight and make the icon white when the tab is selected (just like the text) but I don't think that's possible.

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