Learned a lot from this little ring. Spiral bend of ash and purpleheart with a copper inlay for support. Also my first time doing an edge inlay with malachite. There are blemishes, but I've learned enough to make the next one awesome.

Another steer horn experiment! One of the things I really like about horn is how well it holds shape. So I can do a spiral bend like this and cover it with zebrawood. So I had some fun with this one... added a subtle infinity-shaped inlay of tourmaline.

New ring experiment! Been playing with bending and shaping steer horn for rings. This is my first finished one. Steer horn liner and Carpathian elm outer.

Already have ideas for improvements. :)

I made another cheat sheet! This one is for . Please do get your vector graphics voodoo working for you, too. ;)


So here's something funny. Blender's Suzanne (the monkey head) is prominently featured in at least one approved US patent. :D


About a year and a half ago I got interviewed for this podcast. I'm so glad to see our discussion get published. Give it listen if you're interested!


To the folks who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving! (or as I've taken to calling it, Meat Halloween!)

Stuff your faces and tell everyone you care about that they're worth your time.

One shot every second for about six hours. Up in the western part of Northern Virginia. Still gotta get some tape or something for that camera light.

Weekend scribbles with my kids. Been a while since I played with graphite and conte.

Following up my last post, one of the conferences I went to was Blender Conference. It was great time. All of the presentations should be uploaded:

YouTube: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa1
PeerTube: video.blender.org/video-channe

Back from 10 days of travel for two conferences. So much to digest from this... also, so much to catch up on since I left!

Blender folks! The design team where I work is expanding. Come work with me doing what I think is the most unique use of animation that you'll ever be involved with. Ping me with any questions yo have.


I've had this Surface Pro 3 that I refitted with Linux for a while. Figured I should finally sticker the thing. Managed to do so with a nice subtle nerd joke, too.

Not too long ago, I set up a home NAS using OpenMediaVault and became a big fan of it. So I wrote a little "getting started" guide.


Curious about some more details about the recently-formed Academy Software Foundation? I've got a few.


Some folks are still a bit twitchy about hosting their projects on GitHub. So I wrote a little article about what options you have available.


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