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Jason van Gumster @monsterjavaguns@mastodon.art

Yessss... the junction of art and open source. Guess I'm going to need to find a way to get myself to linux.conf.au at some point... if only to see the Art+Tech miniconf.


Blender 2.8 Code Quest! They're trying to pool a team of Blender developers all in one place for 3 months in order to get all of the necessary development done to finish Blender 2.8.

If you can, go on and do the supporting thing: blender.org/2-8/quest/

One last try to get this right...

Snapped a few shots of individual layers on my latest scribble... and the finished sketch all by its lonesome.
mastodon.art/media/RGfe8U2GA28 mastodon.art/media/1H3SgpPFTWO

So after one lost package and a bunch of waiting (months), I finally have my grubby hands on a reMarkable tablet. The first thing I figured out I could do was ssh into it. But the *next* thing was a test scribble. This is gonna be fun.

"What do you want me to draw?"

"A fish. A *robot* fish!"

"Well alright then."

One of the myths that still seems to cling to #linux is that you must, absolutely must, use the command line to do anything with it. That's a load of steaming waste.

Using the command line, though, can make certain tasks faster and easier. If you're interested in using the command line, here's a quick intro: linuxinsider.com/story/84393.h

Woohoo! The full history of the BlenderArtists.org forum will be preserved! Much thanks to such a fantastic community!


In the last couple of weeks, I've acquired a slightly more than passing interest in knife making. And since I've been learning a bit of silat, I figured I'd use some high density particle board and try to make a training version of a knife that I think is called a sabatan. It actually took longer to figure out how to do the handle wrap than cut and shape the knife.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the results. Maybe one day I'll get some metalworking tools and make a real one.

Holy mackerel! Just under 48 hours since it launched and the @BlenderArtists Discourse migration Kickstarter campaign has already hit its first funding goal! The Blender community never ceases to be incredible. Let's see if we can hit the next one!


Attention Blenderheads!

The forum at BlenderArtists.org is finally going to move to Discourse! But we need your help. There's a lot of data to migrate... and doing so ain't cheap. If we want to keep BA's history, we're all going to need to chip in.


Here's the #inkscape article I wrote, it went live today:

7 awesome new Inkscape features and how to use them (link: red.ht/2r9bMPi) red.ht/2r9bMPi via @opensourceway by @mairin

Finished the sword handle. Super proud of the way this one turned out. Inlay of sodalite, aventurine, and turquoise.

This thing really shines when you turn it in light. I have a video, but it's a touch to large to share here.

Red jasper inlaid in ash with a cherry liner. Yup, I still do non-carved bentwood rings, too. :)

I *really* like the way this experiment turned out. European beech wrapped around purpleheart, then carved through and sealed. What other imagery would you like to see carved like this?

Finally decided to finish this one by sealing in the carving with medium CA. I love this look. Still trying to decide if I like it better than unsealed. Thoughts welcome.

Lost a great friend this morning. I didn't know you for your whole life, Old Man, but you certainly added to mine. Thank you.

Why oh why did I avoid using CA activator when using CA (superglue) as a wood finish? That shit is magical.

Continued progress on this. Most of the stone inlay of sodalite and aventurine is in place. Still need to add some fill-in stones and fill that infinity symbol.

Aventurine is a tough stone to sand/grind. Had to break out the Dremel.