Blender folks! The design team where I work is expanding. Come work with me doing what I think is the most unique use of animation that you'll ever be involved with. Ping me with any questions yo have.

I've had this Surface Pro 3 that I refitted with Linux for a while. Figured I should finally sticker the thing. Managed to do so with a nice subtle nerd joke, too.

Not too long ago, I set up a home NAS using OpenMediaVault and became a big fan of it. So I wrote a little "getting started" guide.

Curious about some more details about the recently-formed Academy Software Foundation? I've got a few.

Some folks are still a bit twitchy about hosting their projects on GitHub. So I wrote a little article about what options you have available.

Soooo... been MIA for a bit due to conference travels and what-not. How goes it, Mastodon?

So how is it that I've gone all these years without knowing about the -L feature of ssh?

New experiment! Now I have a Joker ring. Should I make more? Malachite and purpleheart.

Wanted pancakes. Didn't have milk in the house. Too lazy to go to the store. Had to improvise.

And that's how I figured out how to make pancakes with canned coconut milk. is becoming its own art station. The Grid gallery view mode just got released and it is delightful 🍦 :

Huge Props to Bart and the developer for making this open source plug-in!

Little update on that whole Blender YouTube blocking thing that was happening. Looks like it's been resolved now. And as a bonus, the Blender Foundation has started to investigate PeerTube.

Well that's just flat-out shitty. Apparently YouTube is forcing the Blender Foundation to add ads and monetize their YouTube channel.

To all the active ’ists that have been here >1 month, are active & supportive daily/weekly inspiring others. You may make your own custom emoji just like: :mastohi: :needle: :hot_sauce: :coffee_mug: :succulent: :splat: :kittypotato: :tentaluv: :voxel: :pea: :lies_down: :music_collab:
File size <=50KB .png format animated or static & any L x W resolution. Email it & your desired : shortcode short_code : & the file. It can be personal or general use.
Tx for inspiring others & being here!

Made some homemade doughnuts. Turned out alright for a first try. Gonna hafta do this more.

We just released Krita 4.0.4! The last Krita 4.0 bugfix release: tomorrow we'll prepare the first alpha release of Krita 4.1.0 :-)

Want a cheat sheet for getting yourself started with Blender? I've put one together for you over at

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