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Jason van Gumster @monsterjavaguns@mastodon.art

I made a cheat sheet! For ! A bunch of frequently-used options and a barrel of examples for your document-conversion pleasure.

If you have an Android device and you haven't tried playing with , I heartily recommend it.

This is interesting. LikeCoin... a cryptocurrency for open content. Not sure it's got legs, but definitely something to follow.


Gotta make the best of when your kid breaks his wrist.

Join the Kdenlive team on Freenode or Telegram. Everybody is invited today to come and chat about video-editing and the state of Kdenlive's development.

There is exciting news after the sprint!

IRC: #kdenlive on Freenode
Telegram: t.me/kdenlive

Looking for a subscription-based way of funding creative projects that respects user privacy and focuses on open content? @Liberapay might be the thing you're after.

Just getting started with Blender? I've got a rundown of some of best beginner tutorial series over at Opensource.com. Which one works best for you?


Two experiments in one! This one's for me. Needed a metal core because I wanted to make a thumb ring that I could use as a bottle opener. Also never bent a wood liner for a copper ring before. Results with smoked eucalyptus turned out pretty nice.

It can’t be April 1st. I’m sure it isn’t


“For the first time ever, Microsoft will distribute its own version of Linux”

“After 43 years, this is the first day that we are announcing, and will be distributing, a custom Linux kernel...”


Lacewood is a right pain to bend into a ring. But it shines up and catches light in such a cool way. Worth the work.


Seth Kenlon, @klaatu 's pal, has written an excellent overview article on video editors for *nix platform(s), including both FOSS and proprietary options.

The situation is rosy!

Super useful for Linux users who are or want to get into film and video.


#video #videoediting #linux

I've been getting good feedback on my "Social Media for Creative Curmudgeons" series of blog posts. One of the things I've heard from a couple people has been the danger of wasting your time on social media. Either you get sucked into a time sink or you just get overwhelmed by the general superficiality of the place. How exactly does a person stomach such an environment and try to make effective use of it?

With any luck, I've got a few answers: monsterjavaguns.com/blog/socia

CC: @lostnbronx

The natural progression after drawing a robotic fish is obviously to draw a robotic bird. This one, I got to do with my home-made black walnut ink.

A day or two later than I wanted, but here's the second part of my little blog series on social media for creative curmudgeons. This time, the focus is on Facebook. This post is a bit more nuts and bolts than the last one, but there's still quite a lot on mindset. Anyhow, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


(cc: @lostnbronx @mairin )

And this tiny one is done! Shipped out today. Really gotta see this one in person. The walnut shimmers under the finish.

Yup, still making wooden rings! This is an itty-bitty version of my most popular style. Walnut, ash, turquoise. Size 3 3/4.

Hey people, if you make anything with Krita and post it here, hashtag it and we'll boost it!