Quick little bouncing ball example with Grease Pencil in Blender. So much fun to play with!

Took an old Sculptember model and played around with doing retopo in Blender 2.80. It'll do. :)

Opensource.org has started a new initiative to start an open source specialization curriculum at Brandeis University. They're hiring (for money) open source experts to teach.


Reference Patrick Mason of Opensource.org

#opensource #education

Another 7000+ words in the can and all the text for this book has been written! Woohoo!

(there are still edits and some images to make, but still... WOO-freaking-HOO!)

12,700 words written in one day. I feel pretty good about that.

Made a new theme for Blender 2.80, specifically geared for being readable when printed or shown on an e-ink display. It's here: gitlab.com/snippets/1864987

Tested it on an e-ink screen () and it seems to work relatively well.

So who else knew it was National Superhero Day? I found out a little while ago and scribbled up what some popular open source programs (or their mascots) might be as superheroes.

And in the spirit of open source, the original art file is available under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license on !


It's been making its laps around the Blendersphere, but if you haven't already seen it, you should fix that problem and watch the latest open movie from the Blender Animation Studio, Spring.


And these hit the mail today! Steer horn liners on both. Elm burl and lapis lazuli on the large spiral bent one. Ash and red jasper on the traditional bend. Hopefully they enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed making them. Recorded the whole process, so videos coming soon.

More process videos are coming, but I'm the meantime here's a work on progress shot of the pair I've been working on. Been horn liner. Bent wood outer. Carved and ready for inlay.

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