Made this quick little experiment for myself. Smoked eucalyptus plays a bit like tiger eye in the light... Hard as hell to capture in a still photo, though. The liner is padauk... love the color of that. Definitely going to make more rings with these materials.

First time using my ring carving mount! I've actually carved with it a bit since recording this video and it's fantastic to work with. So stoked to make more stuff with it.

Ring carving mount assembled! Got this thing together and just about ready for its first use. It's an exciting feeling to bring something together and have it work as designed. So stoked!

All the parts for my ring carving mount have been printed! I can't wait to try it out. Assembly video coming soon.

While I wait for those parts of my ring mount to finish in my 3D printer, I figured I'd have some fun working on my table carving. It's coming along, but still quite a way from matching what's in my head.

Trying to design something to help me make stuff.

Long version: I love carving rings in bent wood and horn. But sometimes I need another set of hands. Jewelry engravers have really neat mounts for working rings. Problem is that they're expensive and overkill for the materials I work in. "But," I say to myself, "I know how to design in 3D. Why not make my own?"

So what you see here is Mark 1 of my custom ring carving mount. Starting to print it now. We'll see how well it works.

I've discovered that I love angle grinders. Took a little bit of time to rough in the carving on that table today.

More fun with small-scale carving on steer horn. I love how walnut ink brings out the details. Added a photo to show what it looked like before staining.

So I found this table on the side of the road a while back and suddenly got this crazy idea. Now that I've got it cleaned up (added some photos of where it started) and the concept sketched, the only question is whether I carve it with knives only or if I go the power carving route. What do you think?

Had a bit of steer horn scrap laying about. Figured I'd try to do something with it. What do you think? Wanna see this as an inlay?

Got a travel brush back when I was at in Amsterdam. Finally got to take it for a spin with some coffee and ink.

Yup! Still making bent wood rings. This one is elm burl and lapis lazuli wrapped around a bent steer horn core.

Oh wow... I just discovered that Hugo works in Termux. Static site website updates on my phone. Sweet!

You know how when you're at a fair or an amusement park and you find yourself losing an hour (or more) just staring over the shoulder of a caricature artist or some other craftperson while they work?

Yeah... I've found that I also do the same thing with my 3D printer.

See all that blue? That means I've finished reviewing the edits in the next edition of Blender For Dummies. Wheeeeeee!

Sidenote: I designed that t-shirt. Just a little bit of Inkscape. :D

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