Whats something that’s harmlessly quirky about you but you didn’t realize was quirky until later?

I don’t like bedsheets or smooth blankets! I sleep over + under fuzzy blankets only!

I go through food phases where I’ll eat the same thing almost every day! my burgers and chicken boneless kick has lasted a while, but now that I’ve found a pizza that’s similar to my favorite in this town it might swap to that!

I also rub my feet together like a cricket when falling asleep 🦗

@monarobot my knees get really hot when i'm under the covers in bed. my back too, but it's kinda weird that my knees do it, even if they started out cold. i just have a weird hotknees affliction.


@monarobot I always order the same things when I go to a fastfood or a restaurant, I only like cold water from the fridge, I always eat candies by making them melt in my mouth instead of crunching/chewing them

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