Realized I should make a new intro post!

I’m Mona, a Mexican artist from Chiapas who reinterprets pop culture creatures in my style inspired by Maya glyphs! 👹

Commissions (open one or two at a time, lmk if you wanna be added to my queue):

T-shirt’s and merch:


Patreon (access to my Discord):

@monarobot I might be wrong but that first design looks a lot like an alien queen – nice style! 😃

@monarobot Oh wait, it says it there right in your shop – awesome! 😊

@MrDoodlezz @monarobot yeah looks like Alien, Gojira vs King Gidorah, and I don't know what the other two are. To be fair, I live under a rock, so just because I don't recognize it doesn't mean it's not obvious!

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