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‪my original artdoll bat design was a lot longer, I still like the nose concepts I made and the chunky fangs‬

‪Support me on Patreon to see how my fleshed out glyphs take shape!‬


some fleshed out otachi sketches!!

You did it! Thanks to your support I’m finally confident enough to shift the focus of my Patreon to original projects, starting with sculpture, mid-month!

Here’s my first art doll head idea from a couple years ago, time to see what I can do now!


I’ve streamlined my patreon tiers because starting mid-month I’m going to be focusing on fleshing out my work via sculpting! The material has been ordered, join my patreon to check out the process as I experiment with sculpture, molding and casting!


Godzilla vs Ghidorah movie poster reimagined in maya style