hey guys! this is very short notice but you can see me working on a sculpture glyph on my Picarto stream! picarto.tv/monarobot

Here’s an older Camazotz pillow I made with my friend Julio Penagos! It’s still one of my favorite projects and collaborations of all time

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You aren't as scary as you look! 🦁

My lion-dance-headed girl and her crush.

A couple days ago @lupusdraconis owned me by showing me Marian Churchland’s comic The Passing, fully implying that I am/have been exactly like that-

Always getting rid of all my possessions, erasing my own past, letting go of everything/everyone to move on while simultaneously not existing/being completely disconnected from everyone...And I’m trying to be better but also I have never felt more seen OR called out in my LIFE.

You should check it out, it’s amazing. marianchurchland.com/2018/05/1

‪my original artdoll bat design was a lot longer, I still like the nose concepts I made and the chunky fangs‬

‪Support me on Patreon to see how my fleshed out glyphs take shape!‬



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