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Hey, I'm Mikael (known online as Mole) and my hobby is making things. I do physics and graphics programming for gamedev purposes, drawing & painting (usually fantasy characters and/or landscapes), and play heavy metal with my guitar. I'll probably use this account mostly for art, so here's a few of my illustrations to get it started!

A longer bio and links to other socials can be found on my website at

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Oh hey, since you can pin multiple toots, I should add an example of my work to my profile as well.

Here's a clip of a rough prototype of Flamegrower, a physics-based 2D platformer about swinging on vines and setting things on fire. It's my first game project using my own physics engine which I've been tinkering on in my spare time for the past few years.

I've been fairly tired and stressed for the past few months, but today after work I ran all of 5 km for the first time this year, did some household chores, and still had energy left over to do a bit of studying. Been a long time since I felt this genuinely good, hopefully this trend continues

Put a link on my website to get the cool checkmark, I am now a fancy special boy

With this challenge done, I probably won't be posting art for a while - I have a bunch of studying I need to do, and I also want to take some time to work on my game project which I've been neglecting lately. I'll still be browsing though, Mastodon has been great so far and I don't think I'll be leaving it any time soon ^^

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All the past two weeks' 2- and 5-minute sketches in one picture. Even if the individual sketches aren't anything to hang on a wall, the sheer number of things that can come out of so little time committed is satisfying to see.

One last to finish off the 7-day challenge ^^

I practice every day anyway so I'm not necessarily the main target audience of a challenge like this, but I usually sketch with pencils without time limits, so doing speed-paintings has been a useful change of pace. My speed and confidence at identifying colors and important shapes has definitely improved a bunch

Blood-mage mermaid pondering what to paint next. My theme this is cheesy murder-mermaids, apparently 😛 (CW blood)

bright and early today (and by bright and early I mean it's 1pm but I just finished breakfast 🙃). I tried a bit too hard to get in a lot of detail on the dog and staircase scenes, but in terms of color this might be my most accurate set so far

Long time no see!
Another I enjoyed working on a lot! I really love the same layouts with different moods!

day 4/7. Posting these online has inadvertently helped me get into a nice daily routine where I finish work, do these sketches over dinner, and go study for the evening. Getting a lot done lately 😄

I reckon some of you might enjoy this little modular shelf set I built a while back. It doubles as a handy bedside table. I don’t do often but it’s always a lot of fun

day 3/7. I've never drawn a cat in my life so I dedicated almost the entire time of that sketch to it and still made it look like it's about to fall over 🙃 Can't win every time, the rest came out alright though

day 2/7. Having fun with the extra time that lets me do some blending and more accurately control shapes - in two minutes I had to scramble to get the major colors in and had no time left for nuance.

blood, dismemberment, eye contact 

This pose fell out of some unknown part of my brain while I was aimlessly sketching and I thought it was hilarious. Somehow the scene ended up a lot more gruesome than I had imagined it 🙃

Another 7-day challenge, this time. Extrapolating from the data so far, we have a couple of years left until all hours of the day are consumed by the 6 hour sketch challenge 🧐

Still using but switched from hard round to my textured painting brush that can blend.

Just finished another nouveau . Enjoyed working on this one a lot! Curly hair and flowy dresses are my weakness. <3

day 7/7. Starting to have a feel for what I can do in 2 minutes, definitely feeling more confident and in control than at the start of the week.

Also day 1,660 of doing similar quick exercises every day. Making this a habit was one of the best decisions I've ever made - given that art is a secondary hobby for me (after programming, which takes a ton of time), I might have never reached the skill level I'm at today if I had only practiced when I feel like it.

^ This feels like the closest thing I've made to what I envision as "my core style". Strong lines, simple shapes that emphasize angles, equally simple shading, and a bit of abstract graphic design. Rendering more detail is fun, but leaving it flat like this feels cohesive and takes a lot less time, which will be important when I make art for my games in the future.

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day 6/7. In hindsight it might have been wise to do these *before* I spent most of the day drawing something else and then exhausted myself with a workout

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