#marchOfRobots (and cyborgs) 01

Je sais pas si j'irai au bout, mais voyons. J'essaye d'en faire un sans pression :3

#art #mastoart

Keeper of Mushrooms.
I took a while on this one and I'm not the biggest fan of fuchsias but I somehow keep coming back to these colors ( u°-°)

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@Curator I want to share my old work! The little leaves are cute and easy to draw.
But I now use free brushes :P

some female [Arka].
those faces are ** difficult to draw.. whenever I erased a tiny little shadow the face looked like a different person o.õ

I'm curious - what character traits would you associate with her? I think she looks kind of haughty x))

Hey! Two days ago I took $500 out of my savings to give to a family member to help them get back on their feet after a rough situation, (also offered them housing) I made a ko-fi goal to try to recover that, so a ko-fi or two would be swell if you can! :ko_fi:


Week Three of the art fight: 'Selfie'!

I pictured this as an evening of lalibertalia's Sekki and my Avarin raising hell in Booty Bay, lol


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