@moertel I just got Retro Mode and love it! Your art is so wonderful.

@Brett_E_Carlock thanks so much for getting it! I'm glad you like it 😊💛 Questions, suggestions, anything really: never hesitate to let me know!

@moertel Would you consider some of your animated pixelscapes as wallpaper options? That would be just awesome, I think. Not sure if that warrants an additional in-app-purchase or not, but it could be something to consider, I suppose!

@Brett_E_Carlock First of all thanks so much for all the love! :) I do want to offer my animated artworks as wallpapers but it will likely be a separate app. It's on my list! First I need to plough through the tons of icon requests though, haha, there's a whopping 180 of them this month...

@moertel have you checked out Living Worlds? It is my favorite so far. They just added soundscapes for when you view the scene in-app, and have had back story and item hunts for each background since the beginning. Really neat way to build lore around each piece.

Oh, that's a lot of icons! Meep!

@ItsBrody thanks so much for sharing!!! I hope you like it 😊✌️

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