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(shaky ink drawing of a pair of headphones with the phrase "Check the locks nightly" written out)


(shaky ink drawing of a desk fan with the phrase "All hail the mini-scoop" written out)

off-hand number one

(shaky ink drawing of a bicycle u-lock with the sentence "Everyone feels bad sometimes." written in small caps)

getting my off-hand warmed up to do

(jittery lineart drawing of a pile of keys, with the sentence "You are allowed to choose happiness." written under it)

this is one of those mysteries of my new neighborhood

(photo of an electric.. organ? some sort of keyboard instrument? up against a blank wall on the sidewalk)

found these lingonberries growing in new hampshire :3

(photo of a small cluster of little red berries under some grass leaning up against a lichen covered rock)

here's a beautiful crag dog named punky i met last weekend

(bw photo of a spaniel sitting nicely on a wooden deck, looking up at the camera)

i finally reauthenticated this instance to my bew phone, hello everyone, how have you been??

(photo of a finished basement wall and glass block window with some cute junk piled in it)


(photo of a yellow swallowtail butterfly taking off from a patch of purple clover)

feeling good about krita and my hand-tablet-screen connection lately!

(i've nicknamed her mò but i'm not sure that's right for her yet)

messing around with krita's symmetry tool to help me loosen up the arm a littl

oh yeah, she's a panda

(ink and marker drawing of a panda furry with a purple mohawk and braid, looking a little grumpy and throwing a thumb over her shoulder in a "get out" gesture)

oh but what if she's a giant panda instead

(sketch of a bust shot of a smug-looking panda furry with a purple mohawk)

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back on my furry shit

(several drawings of heads and one torso shot working out different looks for a punk-ass looking grizzly bear furry with a purple mohawk)

i tested every grey prismacolor marker i've accidentally hoarded over the past 20 years

(greyscale drawing of an anthropomorphic rabbit in shorts and a hoodie, with about two dozen swatches of a variety of grey shades under it)

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