(photo of a yellow swallowtail butterfly taking off from a patch of purple clover)

feeling good about krita and my hand-tablet-screen connection lately!

(i've nicknamed her mò but i'm not sure that's right for her yet)

messing around with krita's symmetry tool to help me loosen up the arm a littl

oh yeah, she's a panda

(ink and marker drawing of a panda furry with a purple mohawk and braid, looking a little grumpy and throwing a thumb over her shoulder in a "get out" gesture)

oh but what if she's a giant panda instead

(sketch of a bust shot of a smug-looking panda furry with a purple mohawk)

back on my furry shit

(several drawings of heads and one torso shot working out different looks for a punk-ass looking grizzly bear furry with a purple mohawk)

i tested every grey prismacolor marker i've accidentally hoarded over the past 20 years

(greyscale drawing of an anthropomorphic rabbit in shorts and a hoodie, with about two dozen swatches of a variety of grey shades under it)


every year i do the poster art for a promo for a local running team, based on a photograph of one of the members. here's this year's!

from my neighbor's tree

[vivid colorful photographs of a pink flowering tree]

some ; today's the sort of early spring day where the sunset seemed to stretch endlessly into the horizon, as if desperately reaching for the new season

[vividly colorful closeup photo of a small patch of purple flowers pushing out of a mulch pile next to a sidewalk, a large tree trubk framing some blue sky in the background]

this is what bikes are for 😍

(that's a second place mtb-division alley cat champ of a bike here!!!!)

the last photograph i took during daylight in 2018, as the sun slipped towards the waves just beyond the westernmost point on the island of oahu, hawaii. my parents stood nearby while i clambered down the rocks with my hasselblad.

it gets cold so quickly when we spin beyond the reach of the sun.

[ from my currently brewing project, "ALL OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED" ]

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