every year i do the poster art for a promo for a local running team, based on a photograph of one of the members. here's this year's!

from my neighbor's tree

[vivid colorful photographs of a pink flowering tree]

some ; today's the sort of early spring day where the sunset seemed to stretch endlessly into the horizon, as if desperately reaching for the new season

[vividly colorful closeup photo of a small patch of purple flowers pushing out of a mulch pile next to a sidewalk, a large tree trubk framing some blue sky in the background]

this is what bikes are for 😍

(that's a second place mtb-division alley cat champ of a bike here!!!!)

the last photograph i took during daylight in 2018, as the sun slipped towards the waves just beyond the westernmost point on the island of oahu, hawaii. my parents stood nearby while i clambered down the rocks with my hasselblad.

it gets cold so quickly when we spin beyond the reach of the sun.

[ from my currently brewing project, "ALL OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED" ]

just rebindinging some blank signatures torn out of mostly-filled but retired notebooks

(process photos of a pocket-sized notebook in varying stages of being rebound)

look, i basically refuse to buy new envelopes because i can't get all the orgs i donated to last year to stop sending me donation solicitations by mail, so i just blank out the return envelopes they send me and use those for my own outgoing mail.

(feelin' extra good about it because i'm using these for my tip envelopes, which is other people voluntarily subscribing to me sending regular donation solicitations by mail. everything comes full circle!)

[photo of many business reply envelopes]

back at it! lookin' good now!!

i redrew the master so i could print with the drawing side down, which made a big difference for line clarity. this is a lesson i apparently have to learn every time.

[photos: two ink drawings, one a mirror image of the other; me and my father crowded around a bathroom sink washing prints together; four prints of varying darkness stuck to a mirror to dry]

oops, underexposed

[photo of a blank light blue print wet in plastic bowl]


(photo of above drawing wrapped in plastic and clamped to a board under glass in the bright sun)

makin' with my dad; here's my base drawing!

[photo of of a line illustration of diamondhead crater, a volcanic peak overlooking the sea]

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