making up a master for a new zine

[photo of a narrow column of text emerging from an electric typewriter, about blueberries and hiking/camping in a windy nightless place]

here's that house tunic i was sewing a while back! fleece outer, lined with leftover flannel and old t-shirts. freehand patterning. machine assembled, with hand finished neck and arm seams.

it's been so good to wear since the temp is around 50F in the pocket studio now!

[three-photo montage of me wearing a grey tunic with black gores and a black leather belt. it looks very cozy. ]

"absorption", 2008; undergrad work.

i wasn't overthinking my work as much then, and i don't think this is the sort of photograph i could make today.

i made a 44"x84" print of this, which got stolen off the wall where it was hung for display. i've always appreciated that theft as a high compliment :)

full drawing, from inktober 2017

[ink drawing of an anthropomorphic white rabbit with black ears and feet, wearing a big black hoodie labeled "BUN", floating with its hands casually in the pocket. its eyes are hollow circles but it has a slightly mischievous expression. ]

i doodle through class because it keeps my mind from drifting. this was something i got in trouble for through middle school and high school, and in most of college i'd hide in the back of classrooms, worried i'd continue to be called out for it.

but since i've been taking non-degree classes more for personal enrichment than anything else, i'll plop right next to the professor and doodle away, often not even stopping when i'm answering/asking questions.

here's a few from this week.

feeling so rusty with drawing lately, just wanted to get some faces out of my system.

the magical part where it finally starts to come together

[photo of a blanket stitch in progress, attaching a colorful lining fabric to a cozy grey fleece. some other sewing tools are visible sitting on the fabric]

this is why i love bouldering: suffering hard on weird balance games with slopers and making tiny incremental changes for the sake of progressing two more inches in a vertical direction.

(i adore falling)

basting draft! i'm very pleased with this for having completely winged it from scratch and having never constructed a body garment before??

for general shape/size reference, i used my bicycling jacket and an a-line dress to sketch out a pattern on several taped-together pieces of paper, then tweaked it a little after trying it on a few times.

it's too late to run the sewing machine anymore, but i think i've just gotta hem this sucker together tomorrow and i'll be soooo much cozier

late fall

[photo of trees dusted with snow against a steely sky. telephone lines and the roofs of some homes are barely visible]

pretty sure my photos from the woods are getting a little creepier every time


[photo from my perspective while im lying on a couch with a cat on my chest and a dog on my legs]

mmm yess, ilford fp4 scanned; full image vs. 100% zoomed in. i normally prefer hp5 at 400 iso, but this fine grain is so lovely for many things.

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