cyanotype exposure, capturing about three and a half hour of light from the full moon on 10/31/20, developed in a bucket of rainwater that was also exposed to the full moon

(photo of a white piece of paper with a pale mottled blue oval, some dirt in spots)

i might not have a darkroom or a scanner at my disposal anymore but that doesn't stop me from shooting as if i did

(three dramatic black and white photos of trails through dense woods before any foliage growth, a river valley in the distance, flattened grass, mysterious vibes)

the thing i want to make is imagery that makes you stop in your tracks for a split second

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it's a start, but i'm gonna make prints again

(photo of a hand next to a black and white print of a dark photograph that vaguely shows a pine tree root heavily covered in fallen needles)

a vague drawing request from my partner for this tommy caldwell inside joke, but we might make an extremely tiny run of stickers just to execute the joke

no. 4; 1200

(a phone displaying the time on a lock screen, then three panels showing the weather, 33F and foggy, an email giving someone contact info, some social media interactions with fake accounts)

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no. 3; 1100

(titled "breakfast at last" with labeled drawings of an aeropress, muesli, and dark chocolate covered mint shortbread cookies)

no. 2; 1am

(single panel showing a hand holding a glowing e-reader with indistinct text under the blankets, captioned "you know its a weekend because i'm still reading under the covers")

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no. 1; midnight

(three panel black and white comic: a desk with some junk and drawing tools, captioned "hourly comic day begins... this year it is Saturday." a hand holding a black marker, captioned "will this be the year my ancient warm black finally dies?" a hand turning off a light switch, captioned "let's find out".)

the thing about getting a drastically appearance altering haircut before is that i've spent very little time doodling myself in this new look so here we are

(three pencil sketches of me, two wearing cycling caps and one wearing a big animal-eared hood)

haven't been drawing much but i threw down this grumpy head to celebrate the start of

(photo of a sketchbook page with an ink and marker drawing of a bald goblin head looking kinda grumpy with a big old underbite)

i've had to put in some extra work to ground myself lately, which includes taking self-portraits:


(shaky ink drawing of a heavily knotted rope and the phrase "There is no better time or place.")


(shaky ink drawing of a spool of thread with the phrase "Leave sufficient air" written out)

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