After weeks of recovering from the flu, this evening I heard the most beautiful words my Russian acrobatics instructor has ever said to me:

"You doing self"

I've been waiting and working six months or more in hopes of hearing these words, and while it was only a two second victory I'm taking it straight to a bowl of noodles to celebrate.

@RussSharek acknowledging and celebrating these milestones, no matter how small the individual action was; other people might not ever see the time and effort that goes into it, but you will know it whenever you touch it again :)


In what I do there is a tremendous amount of what we call 'invisible work'.

Any time you see something effortless or graceful on performance it's the result of countless hours of hard work.

To avoid going mad you quickly learn to celebrate the invisible victories, and those of the people working around you.

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@RussSharek i think about this whenever i see someone do something that seems effortless, and out of reach for me; i know that some of the things i do have that effect on others, and i know how much work it was for me to get there. so, instead of being envious, i take it as an inspiration, and a chance that i can work towards that as well :)

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