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hvincent @modgethanc

hey users, please consider going to patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/r and filling out a comment about the new fee system if you have strong feelings about them! if you're unhappy, tell them why; if you wish there were other options, tell them what you want those options to be. users of a platform deserve to be heard.

(there are a bunch of posts about the changes under the patreon tag here if you need to get caught upt)

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this applies whether you're a creator or a patron! it affects everyone who uses patreon.

sample comment template:

"hi, i'm a [patron/creator] here, and i'm not happy about the new fee system. i understand that it means creators take a larger cut, but pushing that cost onto the patron risks losing some of the lower pledges. this change affects me because [i'm a patron with many $1 pledges and this may become prohibitively expensive for me/i'm a creator that relies on many $1 pledges]

please consider adding options such as [creator opt-in to cover chargers, patron opt-in to pay charges, etc.]."

@modgethanc We also started a petition in case that helps - agreed that feedback should be first port of call though!


@modgethanc I would suggest also adding #liberapay as an second option. They charge no fees besides the transacion. And they allow SEPA for free payouts. See: liberapay.com/

@modgethanc Thanks! I've sent them a message. Am a creator on Patreon.