this is what bikes are for 😍

(that's a second place mtb-division alley cat champ of a bike here!!!!)

(i think i'm finally starting to get a handle on a darktable workflow; it's not elegant but it's functional)

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@modgethanc Why not elegant? Just curious, I think I find it quite well designed!

@xiroux ah, the lack of elegance feels more like how i'm organizing/moving images from my camera to my photo archive/library system, and how to integrate darktable into that. the clunkiness is more on trying to build muscle memory for how darktable organizes its tools and how i manage files, and less with darktable's design.

@modgethanc Ah, yes, you're right, the importing step is definitely worth a redesign. I always forget how to do it after a while without using it.

@xiroux yeah, the main thing for me is that i don't want darktable to do a lot of the heavy lifting for file organization, i just want to use it as a visualizer/batch editor, so i haven't figured out how to use the importer gracefully

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