female reindeer don't lose their antlers, so when male antlers finish shedding theirs after rut season, all the reindeer moms push those rowdy boys around because you do not mess with an antlered quadruped if you don't have antlers of your own.

@modgethanc i love reindeer not only because they look like a mix of cow and deer, but because they don’t give a shit. last time i was up there they were walking on the roads and barely moved when you honked at them.

@ginnungagap they are so much smarter than cows and deer, too! we were up on a ridge and there was a giant herd on the next ridge over, and two big stags circled close by to squint at us, decided they didn't like us, then turned and drove their herd out of sight.

we also definitely ran into a couple of herds that were much more used to people, and one of them was taking a dump in the same spot where we'd established our camp bathroom 🙄

@ginnungagap (nothing is quite as surreal as crouching on the ground, trying to dig a cathole in rocky earth, looking up, and seeing a reindeer popping a squat 10 feet away)

@modgethanc oh my goddd that’s so funny! a similar thing happened to me and my dad when we were on a roadtrip around jokkmokk. we stopped because i wanted to photograph this young reindeer buck, and because we needed to pee.
and the buck pees on the -exact- same spot as my dad while looking at him like he’s saying “this is MY territory!”

it was a little unnerving, but mostly hilarious. we were on his turf apparently 😂

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