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i'm a human in the world! i write small daily sketches about things that pass through my brain, take photographs of the planet, and make cute zines.

daily writing:

you can subscribe to regular mailings of my physical goods here: or send me a small trickle of internet tips here: or buy prints here:

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"I like to coat in regular ambient level room light, or if I'm trying to make a lab a bit less uptight, under a few strands of non-blinking Christmas tree lights." ---Christopher James, "The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes"

it was also one of the first songs i worked out on the piano when i understood the piano enough to start picking out tunes that were important and stuck in my head all the time

my local indie radio station is playing 'ruby tuesday' and i am experiencing emotions because:
* it was one of the first songs i have a deep memory of hearing and remembering, i think someone gave my parents a stones album as one of their 'welcome to america you need to learn some good music' gifts
* who plays rolling stones on the radio anymore, that's why i love this station
* i mean i love this song

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total lunar eclipse this saturday night!!! visible for all of north and south america and some of europe:

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man this is so good, i might even start shooting digitally again

after having this laptop for over a year, i finally got this calibrated icc profile working and now my eyes feel soooooo better

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@interneteh here is an Arctic hare changing from it's winter coat to it's spring coat

@lesbianhacker just gotta do a lot of copy and paste, which is pretty tedious!

back at it! lookin' good now!!

i redrew the master so i could print with the drawing side down, which made a big difference for line clarity. this is a lesson i apparently have to learn every time.

[photos: two ink drawings, one a mirror image of the other; me and my father crowded around a bathroom sink washing prints together; four prints of varying darkness stuck to a mirror to dry]

hmm though now that i look at it again maybe it's overdone? i should have some faint white lines on there even if it's underexposed, but i'm not seeing any at all now

oops, underexposed

[photo of a blank light blue print wet in plastic bowl]


(photo of above drawing wrapped in plastic and clamped to a board under glass in the bright sun)

makin' with my dad; here's my base drawing!

[photo of of a line illustration of diamondhead crater, a volcanic peak overlooking the sea]

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(in a pinch, i've also folded over the edge of the sheet of paper to use as a rule)

in travel mode, don't have a straightedge to make rules in my notebook, using the edge of my phone.

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