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feeling good about krita and my hand-tablet-screen connection lately!

(i've nicknamed her mò but i'm not sure that's right for her yet)

messing around with krita's symmetry tool to help me loosen up the arm a littl

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oh man actually yes if i go with a lighter coloring i could make her a qinling panda

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hey humans if you have binders you don't use anymore, you can send them here for rehoming:

looks like they're out of stock of used binders so it'll be good to buff their inventory!

(i just unearthed a couple that are gently-worn and they just didn't suit me so i'm shipping 'em over)

oh yeah, she's a panda

(ink and marker drawing of a panda furry with a purple mohawk and braid, looking a little grumpy and throwing a thumb over her shoulder in a "get out" gesture)

@CarbonCatalyst @pocketghosts so what if i filled my room with oil and sat in that instead

pedestrians pet peeve 

pedestrians pet peeve 

bicycles pet peeve 

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oh but what if she's a giant panda instead

(sketch of a bust shot of a smug-looking panda furry with a purple mohawk)

back on my furry shit

(several drawings of heads and one torso shot working out different looks for a punk-ass looking grizzly bear furry with a purple mohawk)

how many of these extraneous markers can i finish using before i move so i don't have to pack them?

i tested every grey prismacolor marker i've accidentally hoarded over the past 20 years

(greyscale drawing of an anthropomorphic rabbit in shorts and a hoodie, with about two dozen swatches of a variety of grey shades under it)

i'm still not allowed to start packing yet, but reorganizing the pocket studio and putting smaller things i'm not going to use in the next month doesn't count as packing, right?

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