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OKAY paper is like 95% done, just gotta smoothread and mess with some tex hell

i just slammed shut three books on my desk to put them away, and was surprised by a fourth, tiny book that was buried underneath of them that i forgot about

my arms are cramped from typing around a stack of books

fake grad student lyfe~

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In what I do there is a tremendous amount of what we call 'invisible work'.

Any time you see something effortless or graceful on performance it's the result of countless hours of hard work.

To avoid going mad you quickly learn to celebrate the invisible victories, and those of the people working around you.

i just looked at this toot again and my brain said 'witchdraft'

i recently read a book published in 2007 that makes a passing reference to a review of another book left on the internet, and i just stumbled over what *has* to have been that review while doing my own analysis

i mean that's how it's supposed to work, right?? (the review was uncited in the original reading)

a great typo i just caught in my draft: 'widthcraft' instead of 'withcraft'

a great chapter in this book in front of me (which is, a biography) is titled 'The Poison Book and the Dark Season of Vindication'

[ i'm officially at this level of keysmashing through a paper when i need to take breaks to just worddump into a text box that isn't the latex file for this paper i hope ur ready ]

(once, i brought a book with me on a long travel period and forgot that it was due back before i'd get home, so i posted it back to the library via media mail and marked it as 'ATTN: RETURNS DEPARTMENT' which is definitely not something that library offered, but i got credit for returning it on time

sorry to all librarians i'm a menace but damn i just like books and am also a little spacey ._.)

stacks of books on my desk from different libraries; wondering if i'll be paying attention enough to return each one to the proper book drop; figuring it probably happens so often at these libraries that there's probably like an official golf cart they use to shuttle books back and forth every day when they get mis-returned

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hey now that i've got my email like 98% under some excellent control who wants to clutter it up for me again??

email a description of your favorite physical object to: hvincent+clutter@modgethanc.com

under 700 contacts!!!

this is about as i good as i can get for now. man what a tangled web.

it's been a little bit of a nice relief to stare at a 100% fresh email box though, especially knowing the same email address points to it. i have an archive of the past decade or so of emails on that account, in case i need to reference anything, but man, this feels like moving to a new apartment without taking any of my old things with me :)

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progress: after some heavy culling and merging, i'm down to 1500, who are all these people

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Happy new year~ wishing all of us a happy, healthy & prosperous #yearofthedog 🐕♻️🐩

#creativetoots #mastoart #mastodraw #mastodogs

the great email ecosystem migration continues: i imported all of my contacts from my gmail account and holy fuck that sure is 2500 individual entries, at least 2000 of which are probably from notices i sent out once to a large list of addresses that i have never touched again

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I was recently commissioned to design a spiritual successor to my We Belong Here poster featuring scientists. You can get a physical copy here: inprnt.com/gallery/bluedelliqu

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新年快樂 !🎉🎆🎊🎈🐕🐕🐕

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Store updated with a limited quantity of memos, hand mirrors and diy shelves— RTs appreciated, thank you v much!