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cyanotype exposure, capturing about three and a half hour of light from the full moon on 10/31/20, developed in a bucket of rainwater that was also exposed to the full moon

(photo of a white piece of paper with a pale mottled blue oval, some dirt in spots)

i might not have a darkroom or a scanner at my disposal anymore but that doesn't stop me from shooting as if i did

(three dramatic black and white photos of trails through dense woods before any foliage growth, a river valley in the distance, flattened grass, mysterious vibes)

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and on the pedestal these words appeared: "Hi, I'm Clippy, your monument assistant. It appears that you are looking upon my works. Would you like help despairing?"

the thing i want to make is imagery that makes you stop in your tracks for a split second

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it's a start, but i'm gonna make prints again

(photo of a hand next to a black and white print of a dark photograph that vaguely shows a pine tree root heavily covered in fallen needles)

ahh, yes, students are shooting 4x5 cameras again, this means every once in a while someone runs into my office and asks me to roll up my sleeve so they can look at the film loading diagram i got tattooed to my arm so i would never forget which way the notches go

hey fedi, i vaguely remember people talking about a sticker company that had shitty politics, do you remember which one that was so i can avoid them?

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✨Still doing some illustrations of various folks and creatures for my own tabletop RPG settings. Here's some peoples from the Misty'Island indigenous clan. Elves living among antediluvian ruins :3

✨I'm still open for commission if you would like an illustration like this ! :D
You can find every needed information for my commissions by following this link :

a vague drawing request from my partner for this tommy caldwell inside joke, but we might make an extremely tiny run of stickers just to execute the joke

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no. 4; 1200

(a phone displaying the time on a lock screen, then three panels showing the weather, 33F and foggy, an email giving someone contact info, some social media interactions with fake accounts)

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no. 3; 1100

(titled "breakfast at last" with labeled drawings of an aeropress, muesli, and dark chocolate covered mint shortbread cookies)

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