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i'm a human in the world! i write small daily sketches about things that pass through my brain, take photographs of the planet, and make cute zines.

daily writing:

you can subscribe to regular mailings of my physical goods here: or send me a small trickle of internet tips here: or buy prints here:

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a longing for the selves that i have inadvertently spawned, which i cannot follow.

a thousand questions for them.

instead, i cherish all the pieces of everyone who has passed my life, doing my best to treat them well and protect them, as they have become part of my own sense of being.

i am both fascinated and terrified by the notion that my own existence stretches farther and into places where it is not possible for my current consciousness to perceive.

we are all endless. we spawn worlds inside other beings.

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We had some hard choices to make w/all my tech gone. We cleared out our savings getting a phone to let me have a social life, & since it isn't safe for me to be outside w/o a way to call for help if I fall. To make new prints &c though I need a compu, So! If you want to support my work now is a Great time

there's too if you'd like to help!
#MastoArt #MastoDraw #CreativeToots #TipYourFriends

big step today was clearing out my mail+invoices+receipts backlog from the month. my work office is still a wreck but the pocket studio is slowly getting space back. then i can fill it with work again.

pretty sure my photos from the woods are getting a little creepier every time

it's like that awkward stage of growing out your hair when you just want to wear bandanas for a year, but with tattoos

the more coverage i get, the more naked my skin seems.

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biking home with a new wok because i heckin deserve it

tomorrow i will try to do slightly better than today

i want to break out of this chrysalis already

wanna do some large scale prints off these but don't have anything to do with them: a story of my life

@compostablespork just watched free solo today, what a good film! hope you get to catch it, if you haven't already :)

hey i know i've been pretty quiet here, a lot of stuff going on in my life that i'm trying to keep on top of! life is okay, though, making plans and trying to stay organized <3

i am very fond of you all!!

dolores is the name of the deer jawbone; i found it in the woods during one of my first backpacking trips around six years ago. it was in a peaceful spot by a creek.

headphones in the dark for half an hour developing sheet film

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