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my adventures have been hard on my gear lately, so i'm raising funds for some equipment repairs!

all my photographs are shot on black and white medium format film; these are archival inkjet prints, on a range of papers from washi to baryta

full listing: modgethanc.com/printsale/

int'l orders okay, payment methods negotiable

email hvincent+sales@modgethanc.com if you're interested; i'm only taking about a dozen orders this round!

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i'm a human in the world! i write small daily sketches about things that pass through my brain, take photographs of the planet, and make cute zines.

daily writing: spray.no-leverage.com

you can subscribe to regular mailings of my physical goods here: modgethanc.com/tips.html or send me a small trickle of internet tips here: liberapay.com/modgethanc or buy prints here: modgethanc.com/printsale/

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a few alternate deer shots from yesterday

[four photographs of a young male white tailed deer standing in lush weeds, i various positions of either looking at the viewer or ducking down to nibble grass]

reaching skyward

[dramatic black and white photograph of a hill of old dirt, grown over with weeds; one scrubby branch reaches up towards a deep sky with lush clouds]

(also, i've been inlining image descriptions lately because twidere, the app i use on my phone, apparently doesn't always attach alt text correctly; when i post from the browser, i try to do them as alt text instead so it doesn't clutter up post space for non-screenreaders.)

if anyone out there is reading this with a screen reader, i would love to hear from you about how my image descriptions work for you!

i'm trying to get better at writing image descriptions so they *feel* like my images, as well as describing the contents. i want them to have a similar amount of brevity (or verbosity) as the image itself; an image can be taken in with one glance, but there's often bits and pieces of them that only come together if you spend another moment with it. i want to write descriptions that read in a similar way, even though text (especially when processed by a screen reader) is more linear.

we trace these lines in the woods

[dramatic black and white photograph of a densely wooded hillside, a trail drawing a wide curve around the weeds before arcing back into the distance. there's a stump in the middle of the curve, lit up by sunlight.]

a friend i made on a training hike today

[photo of a male white tailed deer, horn nubs just starting to come in, standing in the weeds behind a cut log. the deer is making intense eye contact, and appears very close.]

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Free makeup classes for trans and nb people (sideways corporate promotion?) Show more

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Basically none of the images that come across my timelines have alt text on a regular basis but I have the privilege of sight so it's not a problem. Imagine if you didn't. I know this sounds forceful but I think the fediverse, as a community, should make an active effort towards accessibility as opposed to alienating users who interact with this platform differently than the average person. That is all.

gpdr: a helpful reminder of all the site accounts I forgot i had

always grow

[dramatic black and white photograph of a closeup on a cherry tree branch, wet with a recent rain. some fruits are pushing their way out of spent blooms]

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i highly recommend shelter pets. being in a shelter =/= a bad pet. common reasons to end up in a shelter:
- owner was moving and didn't want to keep the pet
- owner was evicted or became homeless and could not safely keep the pet
- pet was confiscated due to abuse/neglect situaton
- owner died
- pet was too high-energy
- pet didn't get along with another animal in the home
- pet escaped and owner didn't come to pick it up
- pet was getting older and owner didn't want it anymore

work inventory livetoot Show more

work inventory livetoot Show more

work inventory livetoot Show more

work inventory livetoot Show more

working harder than usual on being good to myself today

y'all be good to yourselves, too

welcome to the world above the earth, small friend. thank you for your hard work getting here. i'll do my best to keep helping your journey.

[close up photo of a very small potato sprout]

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First drawing. First digital drawing I've done in over a year. Still can't expect to do much between baby and school but I MADE A THING.

blank walls

[img: brick alleyway wall with vines and weeds growing around it]