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i'm a human in the world! i write small daily sketches about things that pass through my brain, take photographs of the planet, and make cute zines.

daily writing:

you can subscribe to regular mailings of my physical goods here: or send me a small trickle of internet tips here: or buy prints here:

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i want to read about certain composting programs but keep running into photos of worms so i guess i'm going to do this with images blocked now

(brought to you by the hundreds of little pieces of plastic that are on my personal conscience whenever i'm emptying out the darkroom recycling bins)

(brought to you by the hundreds of little pieces of plastic that are on my personal conscience whenever i'm emptying out the darkroom recycling bins)

when i have some downtime in the office i might cold-call some people to ask, but i'm curious if kodak and/or ilford would take back 35mm film containers and 120 film spools for re-use (as opposed to just chipping them up and recycling); they're just containers that don't take a lot of damage, i'm sure they could get reused quite a lot of times before having to get chucked.

spring's pushing hard; i can leave my potted plants outside overnight, now.

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Just got laid off from my job. Last day is April 3rd.

If anyone knows of any remote positions for SRE or python programming (non-senior) let me know

Or even if you know of any in Eugene/Salem/Portland OR.

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CBD oil question, mh-, boosts appreciated Show more

in the midst of sorting through photos i have marked for 'all our days are numbered', wanting to revisit a spot because i happen to be in its vicinity, finding out that i can't because a chunk of the mountain detached and the road is closed.

all our days are numbered.

good morning everyone

at my current latitude, i will experience exactly 12 hours of daylight today

please take a moment and acknowledge the presence of sunlight in your lives!

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The Gender Reveal podcast is offering two $350 & two $150 grants for BIPOC artists, activists or advocates. Submissions by April 30, 2019. For details:

Please spread the word :>💖

housing roller coaster Show more

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pre-moving downsizing Show more

(caption: blurry indistinct dark image of a snow covered driveway at night, surrounded by hedged and fences, with a few points of light visible)

another month, another stack of retired old work prints getting cut up to make envelopes :3

(i send out monthly envelopes with little WIPs and other stuff, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope for people to send me cash tips in return; it's like analog/manual patreon without the middleman:

i'm so interested in scorbunny 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩

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