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I'm Binglin, a nonbinary artist whose day job is at an aquarium doing graphic design. For fun, I like to knit and cook and draw furries. My goal is to keep exploring and growing my personal art practice, and to always keep trying new things. Here are a few different ways I like to work!

(I've got more links and tidbits on my bio 😊)

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food mention 

does anyone know any ostrich furries, i just introduced furries to a couple of my students when one of them stated identifying with ostriches but i haven't been able to find any good examples

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🤳, ec , may i have a bööst bröther? 

i've had to put in some extra work to ground myself lately, which includes taking self-portraits:


(shaky ink drawing of a heavily knotted rope and the phrase "There is no better time or place.")


(shaky ink drawing of a spool of thread with the phrase "Leave sufficient air" written out)


(shaky ink drawing of a pair of headphones with the phrase "Check the locks nightly" written out)


(shaky ink drawing of a desk fan with the phrase "All hail the mini-scoop" written out)

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Been doing a lot of inks on tinted paper with Copic markers lately. Enjoy!

Don't forget I'm doing this year, and you can get an ink for yourself at

off-hand number one

(shaky ink drawing of a bicycle u-lock with the sentence "Everyone feels bad sometimes." written in small caps)

i'm gonna do all drawings with my off hand this month, they'll probably mostly be life studies because it takes so much concentration to use my off hand i can't also create an image from scratch

getting my off-hand warmed up to do

(jittery lineart drawing of a pile of keys, with the sentence "You are allowed to choose happiness." written under it)

okay so maybe i'll go back to my roots and do all furries for inktober

this is one of those mysteries of my new neighborhood

(photo of an electric.. organ? some sort of keyboard instrument? up against a blank wall on the sidewalk)

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important crustacean news! Ghost crabs use teeth in their stomach to growl at their enemies

"X-ray fluoroscopy videos revealed that the rasping sounds coincided with the movements of the teeth in their foreguts, known as gastric mills"

the article also notes other mechanisms ghost crabs use to signal each other–maybe the kind of nuanced sociality needed living close by each other in burrows

ahhhh i miss silver prints, i really should make some room for it this fall

found these lingonberries growing in new hampshire :3

(photo of a small cluster of little red berries under some grass leaning up against a lichen covered rock)

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