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i'm a human in the world! i write small daily sketches about things that pass through my brain, take photographs of the planet, and make cute zines.

daily writing:

you can subscribe to regular mailings of my physical goods here: or send me a small trickle of internet tips here: or buy prints here:

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working slowly on regaining my patience

i've been too impatient with myself lately

and yet i always find myself here

[photo looking down at bare feet and shins against a wooden floor, strangely rippling light spilling over them while the floor fades into shadows]

put a roll of hell expired kodak gold through to see how it holds up; the blacks get a lot of that purple noise, which is fairly easy to clean out.


my garden friend

[photo of a shiny black salamander curled up in some dirt and leaf litter, looking a little shy]

"how did your potato crop do this year, hvincent?"

well, don't sneeze.

[photo of a handful of very small potatoes, ranging from pea sized to lime sized]

update: i developed a roll i picked up out of the corner that i thought was the right one, and it was!

(how is it possible that i have already lost track of a roll of film i put down on my desk three days ago)

my first photography professor, who i've been assisting and teaching with for more than a decade by now, just dropped off his 4x5 camera kit for me because he's retiring it. i'm...a little overwhelmed by this ;-;

i want to be covered head to toe with ink but i haven't done anything to deserve it

here is a black and white photograph of a spiderweb thinly stretched across the bottom of a wooden window frame

hi pals, been going easy on myself lately, trying to find a good balance and not stress out too much.

here's a black and white photo of an old lecture hall getting gutted for renovations. it's brightly lit through windows, with exposed wall, ceiling, and floor infrastructure. the picture makes me nostalgic because i had a long, good relationship with that room, both as a student and a post-student. i wonder if i'll recognize it when it's done.

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Hi! I am about done with some of my batch of commissions so I'm taking a few more in the headshot/icon/rough sketch category! HMU if you're interested, I draw furries as well

Here's my prices/examples

now we're playing "getting over it with bennett foddy"

we have one collectible left in the witness and we're standing in front of it im gonna cry

it's been almost two years

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Please buy some of my art originals. They're $50 each Ω©(q‒ω<q)و

These were made for a book last year and the book was not successful so this is art very few have ever seen. I would love to sell them to someone who will enjoy them.

E-mail me at if you want one. #Halloween #illustration #SupportTheArts #BuySomeArt #MastoArt

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