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Hashtags need YOUR HELP 

#Use #hashtags #like they're #oxygen:

#search.. the Fediverse is much much more than mastodon dot social and its community of instances don't have the compute power like corporates

#tribes.. find your fellow humans

#fun.. cats, dogs, Linux, coops, knitting, gardening, LIFE..

#StandOut.. help poorly sighted by #CamelCasingYourHashtags.. YES blind folks use Mastodon & camel case helps their tools makes sense of things

Hashtags help you be a pro user. Give it a try!

how to be visible on mastodon 

All this discussion follower counts...
If you want to be more "popular" on create content that is interesting to people, boost good quality content, actually interact with people and treat them as people, not audience.

So try to not be popular, but a contributor to community.

Treat this place like a communication tool, not marketing platform. [cont]


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