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talk therapy's effectiveness is very limited & i wish that was better a known thing for people looking into therapy?? it's helpful, but unless you're complementing with something else there's only so much you can do by only engaging with yourself through the filter of your conscious mind and ego. if you want profound change you need to bypass that all together and hack directly at your subconscious through the body

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i have too many thoughts & feelings about harry potter and how the main villain is not voldemort, it's dumbledore. in this essay i will

*banging my fists on the table and chanting* unified field theory, unified field theory, unified field theory, unif

it's so hard for me maintain any type of social media. possibly what's most enjoyable to me at the moment are instagram stories? which sucks cause, well, instagram. but i like the ephemeral nature of it, very low stakes. just pictures/videos of interesting things with little captions and whatnot.

i'd like to post here more but i'm not quite sure how to translate that experience to this type of platform?? idk

a mood board of my dream formal outfit ✨

some sketches from a rejected anthology pitch from a while back. really ought to make the comic anyway... 🌱

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this post just about fucking killed me. I've been losing my mind at this for the past 20 minutes.

just found out that is a thing and i'm in love β˜€οΈπŸŒ±

btw, thank you for liking and following. i've kinda forgotten how to interact with people on the internet, but yes. thanks!

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