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hello! πŸ”†
sketches | char design | comics

just found out that is a thing and i'm in love β˜€οΈπŸŒ±

btw, thank you for liking and following. i've kinda forgotten how to interact with people on the internet, but yes. thanks!

made some of my pixel art into 3D with and the translation turned out quite cuter than i expected!

thoughts brought by the +130 pages pdf i recently received listing every single biodanza exercise. there are SO many

i'm finally on the last leg of school to be a biodanza facilitator. we are officially past the ~what does this do/why does this work~ stages and are now on the ~how do you actually do this~ part. which is both exciting and nerve wrecking cause soonish i'm gonna have to start thinking about finding a group for my practice and eeek! don't feel ready at all.
granted, this is what the ~how do you actually do this~ part is about, but still!

because i can never draw anything without coming up with an elaborate story for it, here's the gist of it:

a wizard who's been festering a lifelong rivalry with his brother becomes the caretaker and mentor of his niece after his brother dies.

here it is! made a cover for it and everything. will post pics of the inside setup when i've used it a bit longer.

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Attention Digital Artists! Adobe is offering Kyle Webster’s photoshop brushes FOR FREE today! I use these all the time and you should totally check them out!

multiplayer stardew valley!

gonna go shopping for a new dot grid notebook tomorrow. i fell of the bullet journal wagon a few months ago and my brain has been a mess. without data visualization (ie. a tracker) how can anyone even do anything

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possibly about non art related things as well? life stuff, nature pics, ""productivity"" shop talk (ie. soothing minimal bulletjournal pics and odes to evernote), maybe even some cptsd recovery/coping ramblings? idk. something a bit more holistic than my regular approach to the internet.

gonna try to break my lurking habit and post here more often πŸ’¦

@wizardpedia make me a wizard and give me a familiar pls!

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