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a mood board of my dream formal outfit ✨

more oldies. trying to set a fresh start for 2019 by getting these out of the way?

some sketches from a rejected anthology pitch from a while back. really ought to make the comic anyway... 🌱

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this post just about fucking killed me. I've been losing my mind at this for the past 20 minutes.

just found out that is a thing and i'm in love ☀️🌱

btw, thank you for liking and following. i've kinda forgotten how to interact with people on the internet, but yes. thanks!

made some of my pixel art into 3D with and the translation turned out quite cuter than i expected!

because i can never draw anything without coming up with an elaborate story for it, here's the gist of it:

a wizard who's been festering a lifelong rivalry with his brother becomes the caretaker and mentor of his niece after his brother dies.

here it is! made a cover for it and everything. will post pics of the inside setup when i've used it a bit longer.

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Attention Digital Artists! Adobe is offering Kyle Webster’s photoshop brushes FOR FREE today! I use these all the time and you should totally check them out!

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