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updates since february 1st:
- no longer losing weight non-stop (phew!)
- i regret not buying the tiny backpack
- my dad's ok!
- i'm moving out by the end of the month

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Born of a Jamaican mother and American father, 'Pixie' Colman Smith was an illustrator, writer, occultist, traditional storyteller and magician who illustrated/co-designed the Rider-Waite tarot, 1st edition (1909) #womensart

vintage matchbox art & design is so ridiculously beautiful. here's an excellent collection of japanese matchbox labels circa 1920s-40s

anyone knows if there are plans to implement a mutuals only privacy setting on posts? how is that not a thing???

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i have too many thoughts & feelings about harry potter and how the main villain is not voldemort, it's dumbledore. in this essay i will

*banging my fists on the table and chanting* unified field theory, unified field theory, unified field theory, unif

it's so hard for me maintain any type of social media. possibly what's most enjoyable to me at the moment are instagram stories? which sucks cause, well, instagram. but i like the ephemeral nature of it, very low stakes. just pictures/videos of interesting things with little captions and whatnot.

i'd like to post here more but i'm not quite sure how to translate that experience to this type of platform?? idk

a mood board of my dream formal outfit ✨

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