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researching sustainable & non-toxic insulation for the tiny house and TIL there's insulation made out of roots!

• devotion > discipline
• rhythm > routine

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notes to self:
• escapism ≠ safety
• comfort ≠ peace

in september i started keeping a bedtime drawing journal.
somehow after going almost 2 years barely drawing anything at all i've filled 1.5 sketchbooks! how?? idk, but it's been one of the highlights of my year.

♫ Jubilation Jubilation!
It’s the time to live! ♫♪
Jubilation - Norma Tanega

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i guess this is gonna be a 'what's in the jukebox' thread. here's some visual kei, my fav kagrra song. isshi had the voice of an angel.
月下想葬 - Kagrra

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here's some chilean electro pop 🎵
Amiga - Alex Anwandter

like, how evocative is this? i'm definitely gonna try and recreate that background texture.

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