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existential crisis but make it fashion.
and by fashion i mean pajamas.

no wheel wells to build around. which is one less thing to worry about. tho that means the house loses some height to make it road legal.

been considering the possibility of a pop up roof like this one, (1:40)
but idk how water proof that is, specially if i put it somewhere rainy.

so many things to consider!

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i'm leaning towards a shipping container trailer. that way the house counts as "cargo" and not as a trailer. which seems easier for road regulations. also that way i can take it off the trailer if i want to. sell it even.

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the frustrating part about the design stages of my tiny house is needing to choose a flippin' trailer. nothing can be designed for real until i've settled on that!

some sketches. we were all obsessed w. this eldritch cat we found in a dungeon.

char design sketches for SPACE☆gumshoe! finally some breakthroughs w. this one.
Ever New - Beverly Glenn-Copeland
a soothing song for whoever needs it.

i'm going to build a tiny home.
putting it down on writing so the simulation can do its thing and get the ball rolling behind the scene. hook me up w. some quality recycled materials 🤞

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also, a heads up! will still be posting drawings, but i might also be using this space as a repository for a bunch of weird stuff ✌️

Terence McKenna - Understanding UFO's, Aliens, Angels 👽

really hope hellier's popularity encourages more paranormal documentary series in this kind of style to be made. karl pfeiffer mentioned being inspired by chef's table for the cinematography and like, yes pls.

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