The sun and moon are in Libra & it’s a new moon, get pretty & flirt

eye contact 

I hope everyone had a great bi visibility day.

mutual aid req, please boost!! 

hey I got a call from what was supposed to be my new job letting me know they changed their mind, I really need to eat and keep the lights on while I look for something else. anything helps!!

cashapp: $digitalcreature

as expected I'm endlessly scrolling with no human interaction. :boost_no: :birdsite:

those mid-painting thoughts that one is not good enough :artsweats: 🤣

Available only until 14th of September
✨ Simple shaded fullbody for 21€ (or 7 kofis) ✨

I'm opening 3 slots for simple shaded fullbodies of your OC with abstract background ☘️

Want to know more or get yours? Feel free to message me 💌
For more examples of my work feel free to check my telegram channel (link in bio❗️cw gore) or my FurAffinity profile (

❌ Won't draw
Nsfw, fetish, underage, mecha and armor
➡️ All comms will be sent asap, before the 19th of September~

UB announcement 

Hi everyone, I am writing to let you know that I won’t be able to keep running anymore. Our lives and safety are of utmost importance to me. This fedi thing hasn’t helped me with this. And there’s not much pro-black support on here just like in life. I don’t have space for a second dangerous place for me to be. UB will be coming down in about a week. Just giving folks a chance to find another spot if they want.

I feel both super smart and like a caveman at the same time after compiling ffmpeg how I wanted

re: moneyrequest, credit card bill :boost_requested: 

$0 ($109)/$360.

(i.e. $0 donated, we have $109 already.)

#MutualAid #DisabilityCrowdfund

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I wonder if AI art programmers are ever going to ask for their share of any successful project.

I think I'm falling into a digital art tutorial rabbit-hole. Hopefully I'll become a rad artists when I get though it.

begpost, urgent need, please boost!! 

Hi everyone, my transmission got busted up, and I need help paying my deductible to get it repaired, anything you can offer in terms of support is super appreciated!!!

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