nudity & animal death in 4th pic 

it's my birthday so if you want to you can reblog some of my art i like :)

you are not immune to drawing your fursona as an character

and this is me trying to figure out furry anatomy and how they should look in my style, i'm still not proficient lolol

this is a small silly one i did for valentines/one year anniversary of meeting my partner

sorry for randomly stopping to post art here, i've been busy lately and i don't finish many things ^^' i have a couple to post though

ty all! not sure how long it’ll take, my drawing process is a bit unpredictable :6

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hey friends, twitter failed me, can you please give me the last few traits so i can make a chara? :3

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Aggregated drawings, sketches for a specific image that i'm still chewing my way through right now. sensitive because nudity. last set for today

after drawing my own i developed an unfortunate condition that makes me want to draw all of my friends' sonas. so here's my partner's!

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