i haven't been able to do much art lately but i did start posting some of my old short stories for people to... laugh at? i guess?

if you want to read them you can go here? royalroad.com/profile/144535

yeehaw!!!! dont wanna go back to school so it’s time for boys!!!

finally made an actual header n stuff so i can stop using the rhythm heaven meme

So all this talk about #OCs got me thinking about two characters from my SableAndAster.com comic that haven't shown up in the story yet. :da_plot:

This is Fyla and Audrey! Fyla is a potter and trans woman who suffers from anxiety. Audrey is a baker who acts like a rock to everyone she knows, including Fyla. Fyla's favourite thing is to curl up in Audrey's strong arms at the end of a hard day's work. :da_cuddle:

#OC #OriginalCharacter #wlw #SableAndAster #MastoArt

i’m really into angel/demon couples right now for reasons that are probably painfully obvious (good omens ruined my brain)

Kissing practice with the boys immediately derailed into "how many shoujo bubbles can I fit in here".

this is literally from over a year ago but fuck it. sploon time.

I've finished my part of an art trade I made with a friend of mine of their OC GoD!
My art trades are currently open. You can PM me for more information!

been a hot sec since i’ve drawn any of my OTHER ocs so here. i present to you a bastard deer man

artfight might be over, but that won’t stop me from posting the attacks i really like

this funky lad belongs to artfight.net/~ScreamingGremlin!

ranting about meds 

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