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if the internet is your archive, your archive isn't safe.

It's seriously disappointing that it's impossible to read the #FreeBSD Foundation's website without getting tracked by Google, CloudFlare, MaxCDN, and KnightLab. It also presents Google CAPTCHAs as denial of service.

From the #FreeBSDFoundation I'd really expect more respect with regards to website visitor's privacy. All that tracking isn't even remotely mentioned in their privacy policy.

Dear FreeBSD Foundation: Please step up your game in supporting privacy!

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1. Fund entities whose sole purpose is profit
2. Claim you're doing "Tech for Good"
3. Implement dark patterns
4. Insert ads and trackers
5. "Innovate" the algorithmic timeline
6. Make public statements about privacy, then implement detailed telemetry system because you need to know all about user behavior
7. Set headquarters to be a shell company in a tax haven
8. Claim that diversity is important, but only recruit men with CS degrees from ivy league universities
9. Burn out of VC cash
10. Issue ICO
11. Be bought by Google or Facebook
12. Retire to a gated community

It'd be nice if people realized not everything on the internet has to be designed or ran by a company.

You can't earn money with #FreeSoftware. #Copyleft is bad for your business. Do you think this is true? Then you should come to my #CopyleftConf talk "Using strong copyleft to build a sustainable business", organized by @conservancy #Nextcloud

I wanted to know my own limits at a city drenched in blue has a new DJ!

iiogama @iiogama

"Dally Rhythms" is a casual exploration into the deep, progressive, minimal sounds of
electronic dance.

DJ iiogama will livestream every Sat from 18:00-19:00 UTC.

To tune in ->

Want to become a DJ on aNONradio? Go to - ANY FORMAT IS OK! Practise livestreaming during OpenMic everyday 03:00-06:00 UTC. Instructions ->

Don't forget to tune in to DJ iiogama!

Thank you iiogama!

@hntooter 需要处理年份时,应该使用日期格式化字符串「yyyy」,而不是「YYYY」。两者的含义不同,前者是格里高利历法中的年,后者是 ISO 8601 周日历中的年。它们的数值在一年大部分时候是相同的,但在年初年末时则相差几天。当你使用公历的 MM-dd,却不慎使用 YYYY 时,日期将相差一整年。

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"Is making deals a science or an art?"

"I’m not sure, but I guess it’s not a science."


"Because, if it is a science, President Trump should try it on the pacific islanders first."


if the internet is your archive, your archive isn't safe.

KDE devs will soon be receiving the Librem 5 dev kits. Look forward to Plasma Mobile running on the hardware chosen for @Purism 's open and privacy-protecting mobile phone.

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