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if the internet is your archive, your archive isn't safe.



Random Agent Spoofer for XUL/UXP platform v0. is out!

Download here:

I think I will release a new version every month now :D

我对内地自反对逃犯条例运动起流传的部分谣言写了一篇辟谣,但现在因为一些原因,不打算继续留存 blog,遂打算在最后一天分享该文的草稿。

如果您打算存档到 等存档站点,希望不要这么干。转载亦不要署名我!

1. 有人存档了该文的一份草稿页,这也是我打算关闭 blog 的原因。
2. 希望各位留存时本地 host 图片,不要使用我的图床。

@funkwhale Hey funkwhale project, can you add Chinese into the translate platform :D

I setup a DNS server in Hong Kong which support DoH & DoT! 

For dnscrypt-proxy users:

For Firefox users:

Sorry I can't find a client which support DoT, but it's running well with default port.

Now try to fix the old Icecat (gnuzilla) problem: Can't install themes from Mozilla addons site.

Since Ruben Rodriguez is buzy and won't update very often, I think now I need to dig the original Firefox release first, time to debug!


Mozilla brought out a password app called Lockbox, which lets you fetch the stored logins from your Desktop Firefox.

- A 41 mb kludge about the size of Firefox for Android

- No, you can't enter logins, read only

- Adjust tracker included, who wants privacy

And last not least, it's always good to have all of your logins on a Server in the web. Sooner or later, somebody will love that.

IMHO, use Keepass2Android or KeepassDX, but not this crap.

正如我们众所周知的,Google+ 消费者版本将于 4 月 2 日彻底关闭。然而在它彻底关闭之前,我们仍然有机会把它的所有内容存储下来。我们是 ArchiveTeam,专门捡漏那些将要关门的网站。

问题在于,我们需要您的帮助。Google+ 的数据,按目前归档的进度,将达到 EB 级。然而我们目前只有两台位于芬兰的存储服务器,和一台已经被数据塞满的澳大利亚存储服务器。加起来的存储容量不到 100 TB,难于应付 Google+ 的内容。如果您能提供存储服务器的话,麻烦移步至 EFNet 的 IRC 频道 #googleminus (英文)了解提供服务器的详情,在此感激不尽。

IRC 频道传送门(部分地区被墙):

这是我们的 Project Tracker:

这是我们的 GitHub 项目页面:

I've been banned from writing Amazon reviews because I wrote a couple that included not just a review of the item, but repeated failures on Amazon's part to get the correct/intact item to me. Apparently reviewing _Amazon_ is against their "Community Guidelines"

Talent is a myth.

Don't let anyone tell you that you're not "gifted" enough to do art. All it takes is patience, focus and discipline, and those can be trained.

Look for the right teachers and learning material, surround yourself with artists better than yourself, and generally work a shit ton - you can make it.

苦于没有自己的 PeerTube 实例来发布视频,只能暂且用用 Vimeo 了。

最吸引人的可能就是那个 Original File Download 了。


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