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Been a long while since last !
Hi everyone, I'm Flo and most of the things I draw are characters (mostly OCs, I've got a tag for them ) and some really, really occasional fan art. That's pretty much it ! Hope you'll enjoy my stuff :happey:

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"of course you have blue hair and pronouns. and a sword."

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the way i'm still doing swordtember despite having no idea in advance for any prompt and struggling everyday. Inspiring


is it still a sword. or is it more of a whip. or perhaps it is both. you have four hours!

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leyendecker study! not too fond of it when I compare it to the source material, but it looks nice on its own :)

bon !!!

je suis de retour, j'ai remis les peluches et le point de croix en ligne

si vous voulez RT voire aller voir et tout, voilà !

et vous pouvez venir parler si vous avez des envies de point de croix / peluches que je peux faire et qui ne sont pas en stock :) (j'ai une galerie ici avec plus d'exemples, mais non exhaustive : )

enough with swordtember i need my daily dose of The Same Portrait Of The Same Fucking Guy In The Same Angle

CW: Bright colors, slight body horror

An older illustration I did a while back playing around with weird distortions and facial expressions. ANXIETY, YAY!

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