10h6m and I am on a roll this is turning out incredibly fun to produce.

Excerpt from about 2:30 into the track. Guitar courtesy of @AgathaSorceress ^^

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Based loosely on the results of Eliminate's "hyperpop speedrun". I thought it sounded fun. Pulled some random vocal recording from one of FL's demo projects for it.

I have no idea what I'm doing lmao

4h47m. Finished the drop so could use this in a set or something now ig.

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I made a drop but accidentally made the original bit sound really pathetic in comparison lmao. So as I build up the arrangement I'll need to make sure to have very low-energy sections before both to maximise the impact of each to prevent the drop just destroying the impact of the chorus.

I deliberately ordered them in this export to demonstrate the effect.

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4h14m. Made a 2nd little bit.

Trying to decide if adding incomprehensible "singing" would be a good idea, cause at the moment there's no particularly strong melody going on.

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6h35m. Got 4 different sections now. There's no transitions between them yet which is why it sounds quite jarring going between them but I'm liking this.

The cool fluttery background noise is each half of a recording of a cutie typing on a mechanical keyboard played at the same time each panned hard left/right.

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7h47m and I've got a verse section. The temptation to make a drop is certainly there lmao.

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Moar big and punch yes.

Loudness-normalised next to the old one this is so much nicer. It's also *way* easier to mix because you're not constantly fighting every other sound to squeeze it in.

I'm glad I explored loudness though cause I think my production ability is a lot better because of it, and I can still use a lot of the principles within it more locally to make individual sounds really aggressive.

I'm hype now though I may need to finish/release this,,,

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And this is how those two sound one after the other.

The first one sounds a bit more aggressive which I prefer, but a lot of that is down to the amount of saturation on everything which was lost when I took the mastering off, but that could be easily added back per instrument to regain that, but the drums sound so pathetic compared to the second one. They're hiding under the limiting on the first where on the second they're BIG.

Mixing needs some work but you get the idea.

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