me: "I'm gonna make a build next"
brain: "no we're gonna leave this playing on repeat for the next 2h"

This is gonna end up being like,, just 3 drops glued together probably. Like this first drop is still too cool and laid back to go into a separate build, so I'm gonna use the end of it as the build into a B drop, then see how much material I have at that point.

Came back to it this evening and finished this extended drop. Put a little start/end on it and it's almost 4 minutes of music so I'm happy that's enough.

10h18m and I'm gonna call it. Expect a release within the next hour or two ^^

🎉🎉🎉 Released!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Big bouncy bass house 🅱️omplextro idk lmao

Enjoy!! <3 :boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok:

haha what if I had more ideas to make the drop even longer after releasing it?


Released!! Again!!

Same track, but drop is about a minute longer now cause I added the extra idea :)

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lewd-adj ment, silly 

Only notable thing I'm not happy with in this is the fact my brain randomly said "lol if you took the memes out this is 100% music for a PMV" and now my brain shows me *things* whenever I listen to it lmao

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