I really wanna learn more about bass design. I feel like I can make some nice sounds but they're all kinda in the same ballpark and I keep hearing these absurdly cool sounds in other ppl's stuff and like, fuck I wanna learn the science-y stuff behind how to create different kinds of effects and timbres cause sound design is so fucking interesting honestly.

@mira I love what you've posted here so far, and adding stuff like this would be mindblowing. youtube.com/watch?v=FCY2mF6sxN


@silver Yeah, FM basses are fun. I've used them in several things already (main basses in Oversky and Cancelled, also the talky one in Await and Lawa Mi, among others). I could certainly play with some more kinds though cause FM is a whole universe of its own.

What prompted the original post though was hearing the more like, comb-filtered noise sounds and the really watery basses, also laser-y sounds are so fun. Basically everything in this: youtu.be/POdwQezlvDc [cw: flashing lights]

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@mira This sounds really cool, looking forward to seeing what you make along this path. :)

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