Currently going through my whole 2021 projects folder and pulling out as many flacs of passible bits of music as possible to try and construct some kinda compilation/set out of.


This is also proving to be an excellent excuse to clean up all the mastering blunders, so I've been updating a number of the audio files on bandcamp so overall they clip less, have improved dynamic range, and better handling of stereo separation at the bottom end.

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Most of these are basically an exercise in "how much can I turn down the compressor before the crap mixing starts to show?" lmao

@mira I really like the album Finally Unfinished: Part I from Paniq. He did a continuous mix of all the snippets he had been doing that were too bad to make into a song but good enough to discard. It's a lot of work, but maybe you could do the same?

@Pixdigit That's sort of the plan, only the unfinished stuff would be more a compliment along side finished stuff rather than being the sole content.

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