This week in "things I learned that my useless egotist of a music tech teacher literally couldn't have been more wrong about": listening volume.

When mixing, turn it up so it's loud but not uncomfortably so. Your hearing has a flatter frequency response at that volume, and if it's quieter then you risk falling into the trap of just repeatedly turning things up.

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@mira wait what self respecting music person taught you to mix at low volumes?

There's countless reasons not too, but my number one reason? Ear fatigue sets in a lot faster, even with listening breaks.

Gah that just friggin blows my mind that someone out there is actually rocking around teaching folks to mix quiet, that's like... just bad advice IMO

@eclectic I mean this is the same person that believed the inverse of how stringed instruments worked, was apparently "too good" to use flying faders and so always turned them off because they sometimes made a little noise, consistently mispronounced "tinnitus", and if you questioned anything he said he'd start talking about the fact he used to work in "world-class studios" (which he never named any of).

Artisanal blend of hilarious and absolutely infuriating.

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