Earlier, Wuthering Heights was playing and someone said "this would sound better at 2x speed" and then played it on their phone and they were completely right and now I need to remix this.

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Oof I really am gonna have to chop this whole thing up into 2 bar pieces and tempo match them all separately huh

Cause they didn't really feel the need to bother with click tracks in the 80s (valid)

fuck yeah here we go

(yes the toms are from never gonna give you up)


Obligatory vocal chops and I am fucking grooving to this I'm loving it. Also some beep boops.

This is 100% a B drop. Like it's definitely the response to some "call". Question is whether I wanna make the A drop the chorus of the original or if I want to just make a fucking electro drop cause that could be fun too.

For some reason I'm getting shemusic vibes from this

Slicex -> Regions -> Detect Pitch Regions is magic for vocal chops btw.


Did the chorus. Had to mess with the timings and stuff so it'd fit neatly into 4 bars, and I re-harmonised it to keep the same energy. Also more vocal chops these are fucking great.

Thinking for the verses I'll do something more chilled out, then find some bits of the original I can loop to make backers for risers and stuff. Still torn on adding a drop but knowing me it's inevitable lmao.

How long do we think it'll be before I get DMCA'd? /s


Added the bar coming into the chorus in the middle plus some wibbly bleep bloops doing a little arpeggio.

Think the PoA is gonna be to have the verses without drums and be more ambient and then have a build that gets quite intense before going into either a drop or just straight to this, then it can fall away again for another verse and so on.

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