whoa I have a big influx in followers! Hello!! nice to meet you all!

I finished up my WIP from a while back, an art trade with onigirix! I love drawing cafes so yeeee

I hope you guys are having a good monday uvu

@mintyfreshmangos Looks so cosy and comfortable! Just to sit and melt away! :blobcatmeltthumbsup:

@mintyfreshmangos Ohhhh this turned out so beautifully! Such a cozy and welcoming atmosphere

@mintyfreshmangos Yes! Because who doesn't love to have such beautiful, colorful cityscapes and environments in their timeline? ⛱️

@eviloatmeal aaa thank you so much that's so sweet of you to say ;v;

@mintyfreshmangos This is really gorgeous. I love the composition and lighting. Beautiful work!

@mintyfreshmangos That's lovely! I like how the soft light comes through all the windows and is reflected on the table surfaces. The plants also make it look a very welcoming, serene place. Looking at this picture makes me feel very happy. Thank you!

@Giagia Thank you so much!! I feel like this is definitely one of my dream cafes to find lol I would love to just pop in and work on a project for a few hours here uvu I'm glad you like it!

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