I actually do draw people lol and not just endless scenes!! Here are a few s I drew for the minigames in the art fight discord server!!

I really need to focus on preparing for art fight ;v; I had so long to get ready and I just been procrastinating fjdlkfj

blaghh what a day. I hope this week is over soon ;v;

I have some stuff on my mind! Saffron and Anise, when they were kids

personal thoughts 

I had to do my end of year personal evaluation at work today and I never know what to say aghhh I did a lot a work this year but did I do a good job? Idk ;v;

Every time I look back at anything I've done, it's difficult for me to think wow that turned out good! From personal art, to design stuff, even rps, I can really only view them through a lens of "how can I improve?" So when faced with the question "what are you proud of?" I can't find much to say

whoa I have a big influx in followers! Hello!! nice to meet you all!

I finished up my WIP from a while back, an art trade with onigirix! I love drawing cafes so yeeee

I hope you guys are having a good monday uvu

my fate! He was my character in a , this was the wagon he shared with 3 others!
The game has since ended but I miss playing him ;v;

I'm awaiting comments back from a publisher who commissioned me to do a large scale scenery piece! yeeeee

I don't draw a lot of architecture design stuff anymore so it's always a bit djflsfsdfj to see...if I can match quality to the stuff I did years ago...

I drew this- years ago! A setting for one of my worlds

i'm so tired ;v; but i also want to draw. what do...

My Intan! He's a fallen angel, now he just runs this antique shop uvu

My work returned to the office this week so I've been readjusting to life with people. So I've been collapsing into my bed every night and haven't been able to draw anything bc tired. But today I finally sat down to work on another drawing!

It's gonna be a cafe! my sketches always look like chaos- i'm sure it will look better after an hour or so....yep

Another trade! Seriously, all I've been doing are trades lately. I feel like I have been having issues drawing my own ocs >< I don't have to overthink things when it's someone else's tho ;v;

For mokkemina! (toyhou.se/mokkemina)

Another art trade I did with Noizkeeper (toyhou.se/Noizkeeper)! I'm not as well-versed in cyberpunk city scenes lol but something different is always nice

An art trade with KrowField (krowfields.carrd.co/)! It was a background trade so I'm glad I got to design this space for them cause plants uvu

I remember I had one of the worst art blocks of my life and I somehow managed to finish drawing this. i love drawing libraries and fishes so i think that helped lol

My Aiden and Yutie with my friend's oc Nia

I'm off from work!! im gonna sleep now finally ;v;

An animated version of a drawing I posted before! My Aiden, Bas, Toni, and Sev

i hope you guys have a good monday! im super tired ;v; can't wait till get off work so I can sleeeeppp

My OC Fate with my friends ocs Roberto! Fate was my character for a that finished, it was fun while it lasted tho!

more old art but I'm still fond of this one! My Sev with my friends oc Logan!
Based off of my hs band room from forever ago

I'm pretty sure I'll be working for the rest of the weekend blagh. Good part is that it's drawing! Bad part is...I just want to sleep imsotired

Old art of my oc Saffron, preparing for work too

I had to look through my hard drive to find a reference for one of my ocs and I felt the greatest amount of embarrassment looking through my old art aaaaa
at least there is now solid proof that I improved phfff

testing an animated gif!
I live in a place that rarely rains and I used to hate the change in weather but I'm ok with it now.

My Sev and Toni! Old but I still like it!

im so glad to see familiar faces here, mostly from pillowfort!!

This is my Saffron and his cafe! I love drawing these top view of things uvu

ty for the warm welcome ;v; I'm still sorting out how to use this site but I'm gonna post some planty drawings

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