They are almost imperceptible, but when I realized how my body had changed, I gave a big smile and said:

"Ohmigawd, I GOT TITTIES!"

I am very happy, my friends, and I needed to share :100awoo: 😍 :artcataww:

@trashguts that's fair :artpaw: Blockbench definitely has a niche, but it's worth mentioning for it's simplicity

@trashguts I think Blender is still excellent. That said, there exists a program called Blockbench that might be your thing. It's often used for Minecraft mods, but it's ease of use makes it an ideal candidate for low poly in general (so long as you're okay just using blocks)

I feel wildly unaccomplished. Game dev has taken a back seat and that sucks.

Kinda heavy stuff, anxiety 

My Aunt is in the hospital - a woman who I've always thought of as a second mother. My focus wavers, and it takes everything I have to stay on task.

But my brain says "F*ck it, just play some Minecraft!" I want to be able to work, as I have the whole house to myself all afternoon.

But alas, the worry that I'm "not productive enough" increases all my anxieties - including the ones with Auntie.

So yeah, I'm going to play some f*cking Minecraft.

This is being posted on birdsite without credit to the original artist, and alas as far as I can tell the original video only exists on the artist's IG page, so sorry, it's an IG link - but do check it out. Digital art with a really really deep zoom.

Also, you can make a game without a business man, but you can’t make a game without the devs :)

Workers should seize the means of production.

I remember that in the first week of Game Design class we had to define what makes videogame a videogame, seems obvious like “have fun”, but a lot of games are sad and didn’t made you have fun, (in fact some can be even depression triggers), anyway, it’s a long debate, but “maximize profits and explore people” was not one of the answers :)

Snakes, support 

One of my priorities after moving will be

1 find a good therapist/psychiatrist
2 register my pet snakes as Emotional Support Animals

I realized very early on how demonized snakes are and how the majority of people have no idea snakes are used as supports animals, specially for people in the autism spectrum, chronic anxiety and chronic depression

Interact with an animal that is calm, move slowly and doesnt produce any loud sounds is perfect, specially for chronic anxious people

@indiedee Bonus: Having to do those things using the sh---y default Windows software that can barely, if at all, do any of those things. 🤬

Do y'all do posts here?

I am Lacey, a non-binary trans aromantic bisexual game designer. Big picture: I am building a world known as Zaki-Rock using games primarily, and documenting its lore and my process along the way. I'd like to share all of that here with you 🙂☺️😊 Much love

First time trying a sashiko-type embroidery on my broken jeans. I like them even more than I did before I ripped them!

I found the #BookBinding hashtag this morning and wanted to get in on that. My lab partner and I are teaching a French link stitch next week, so I was knocking out a model or two (and trying to remember how to do it!)

Unsupported and just a paper cover because the point was to show the sewing rather than be super functional.

Welp, since it’s I’m gonna share for the internet’s void some art I did in different styles (realistic 3D modeling, ink and watercolor)
ヾ( ̄ω ̄)

And now I’m gonna sleep, I studied a lot today and I’m tired, also my wrist is hurting from modeling (´-εヾ )

Good gay night ☆

Grind off the rust.
Sweep back the dust.
Yes, we care
That you share.

Oils or acrylic
Pencils from Blick
In any medium
None of it's tedium.

Rhymes or prose writing
Woodwork, that crochet thing,
Toot out a tune.
Sing out real soon.

Let's be clear
Face the fear.
On this host,
Your art: POST.


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