It's been awhile since I've posted on here but I've also been doing a lot of painting

A recent design I made for my town's call for artists mural project. The theme was along the lines of growth and recovery. Making this just made me think about loving and respecting everyone in the neighborhood.

A silly doodle about how I wanted to watch Fantastic Planet the other night but after a couple minutes I realized I was not in the right headspace for a trippy old sci-fi animation lol. Idk if anyone else relates to movie anxiety but I feel that sometimes.

lately I’ve been trying to get back into more personal and experimental sketchbook practices

these are a couple pages from my new little sketchbook

in the past couple days I’ve been thinking about self preservation and emotional awareness

had some non-representational fun in the studio today, just pouring and smearing paint :)

I run an online artist collective that functions as a shop featuring artists from across the US representing all sorts of styles and identities, and now our site also acts as a resource center to help artists find funding opportunities. Check us out :’) or if you know of grants or paid gigs coming up, I’d love to add them to our list!

Trash Room, based on a real bathroom stall at a venue called The Earl in Atlanta, GA.

This is first drawing I made when I got a tablet with clip studio paint, right at the end of 2019 🥲 but now I mostly use procreate for digital work

subtle eye contact 

two little acrylic paintings on canvas

anyone have thoughts to share on abstract art? Any abstract artists you like or methods for creating?

for me, these paintings are motivated by the combination of color, gesture, and the tools. I’m either pouring paint or smearing the paint with a palette knife or mixing stick - often on objects I acquire for free like scrap wood, canvas, plastic, and glass.

there are so many things I still don’t know about mastodon but I’m hopeful for my experience on this instance :’) anyway - I’m currently working on a comic called “Sid & The Sickos” which I started sharing on IG but will also share here. My goal is to share it, revise and edit it, and then seek out publishing. I hope y’all will follow me along on this journey!

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Remember how great it felt when people reached out to you when you first joined. :da_love: This is how we create and maintain a welcoming and supportive creative community. :da_w00t:

Take care, everyone! So much love! :make_like_edmonia:

hello! I’m excited to see some cool work and meet rad artists on here~ I’m a cartoonist, illustrator, zinester, mixed media artist, and community arts advocate. By day I work for a nonprofit that connects artists to mental health resources and by night I’m a drawing fiend :)


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