Hello! My name is Diana and I am an artist from Portugal currently working on my thesis work and other projects! I also love doing comics and need to work on more of them! You can find me on Twitter and Tumblr under Midreky as well! 💛

@midreky OMG I LOVED ALL FOR THE GAMEEEE. I'm glad to see people who's read it!!

@mdmaple GASP I LOVE IT TOO! I added that in there wondering if anyone would know it (though it's actually au) but yes!! Such great books!!! :D

@midreky !!!! honestly my friend literally shoved the series in my face like, "read it it's your cup of tea" and I literally had the greatest ride.
ya omg I still haven't made an intro of myself yet (oops it's been a week), but I actually contemplated whether or not I should throw a drawing of Andrew hoping someone would get it

@mdmaple Please do!! Oh man I blindly choose to read the books and I have zero regrets! Lit my fave trilogy and I should re-read it again soon so I can make more art for it!! But woops now I am the friend trying to shove it in people's faces 😅

@midreky LITERALLY ME! I just shoved it into my friends face too. ya it's one of my fave series atm. this and captive prince, tho I'm not as deep into that as I am with all for the game.
drawing wise, I had a plan to draw all of the foxes (and riko) out as how I saw them while reading, but I'm actually having a hard time drawing renee bc she acts EXACTLY like my irl friend Renee who had curly brown hair, which was far from what was said about Renee's actual appearance

@mdmaple Oh nooo that must be a pain!! I have drawn her before but it was no trouble seeing as I don't have a friend called Renee haha! I read Captive Prince as well but yeah, All For the Games takes my heart any day 😍

@midreky RIGHT! idk why, but theres something about the sports genre that always takes my heart. but with every story, show, or whatever, i tend to adopt the entire team.

@mdmaple Exactly! I have never read or watched a sport related book/movie/etc that hasn't left me super pumped and inspired! 💪

@midreky i think thats why my friend shoved it into my face

@shellacbelly Hi! And thank you so much!! :D Sadly couldn't see it through to the end 😅

@midreky I love your color palettes! So warm and intense!

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